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Richard Mort of Wigan, Innkeeper 1691, May 19

"In the name of God Amen, I Richard Mort of Wigan, innkeeper, I give and bequeath unto Margery my loving wife one third part in three parts to be divided of all the rest residue and remainder of my said goods and personal estate, and the othertwo thirds unto Peter, Richard and Margaret Mortt my sons and daughter equally to be divided amongst them, share and share alike. Whereas the said Richard Mortt lawfully seized in my demesne and all that Messuage or burgage and tenement with appertence situate in or near Streets in Wigan afforesaid Walgate wherein I now inhabit and dwell and in all those two separate close closures of two acres and a half ot thereabouts. Unto Thomas Cooper of Wigan and one of the Aldermen of the burough of Wigan and Adam Bancks of the Milngate in Wigan after my demise and suffer the said Margery my wife and her assigns to have profits of all and singular the said messuage or burgage, tenement, close, closures and parcels of land until Richard Mortt my said son shall have or may have attained the age of one and twenty years, do allow for the better livelhood and stay of the said Peter, Richard and Margaret my said sons and daughters until they shall respectively attain he age of one and twenty years and nominate my wife sole Executrix, put my hand and seal the third day of August 1690".

Richard Mort made his mark.

Also a long inventory dated May 19, 1691 of Richard Mort of Walgate, Wigan

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