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Thomas Mort of Little Hulton, parish of Deane 1638

"In the name of God Amen, the the twentie fourth day of November 1635. I Thomas Mort having at this time my ordinarie and usual health, understanding and memorie do make this my last Will and testament in manner and form following, my body to christian burial. One capital messuage and tente commonlie called the Peele als Witcheves, one other capital messuage and tente commonlie called Warton Hall demesnes als Warton, one tente called the Tynesbanke and dyvers other messuages, cottages, buildings, lands, tentes, rents, service and hereditments in the Indenture mencioned and expressed for the term of fourescore and ten years next ensuing the first day of may last past, and one messuage and tente with appertennces in Astley of one Geoffrey Wood, and one other messuage and tente to one Thomas Jackson, deceased. The said messuages to be had used occupied or enjoyed and revenues thereof to be taken and had by Margaret my now wyffe after my decease and during so many years, keep herself sole and unmaryed for and towards the maintainence of my three younger sons called Thomas Mort, Robte Mort and John Mort and three daughters called Jenny Mort, Anne Mort and Marye Mort. My executors Administration shall permit and suffer the said Thomas Mort being my second son to hold occupy and enjoy all that said capital messuage and tent called the Peele als Wicheves, and all the said tente called the Tynesbanke, and paying to my three said daughters the yearlie sum of fyftie pounds of lawful money at or in the porch annexed to the south side of the Parish Church of Deane yerelie and everie year upon the twentyfourth day of June. The said Robte Mort being my third son, to have hold and enjoy all that capital messuage tente called Warton Hall and demesnes als Wartons in the said indenture which formerlie the inheritance of Ralph Asheton Esq deceased and Sir Ralph Asheton Baronet his sonne and heire conveyed to me the said Thomas Mort the father and Adam Mort late of Tyldesley, Gentleman decessed my late father. The said John Mort being my youngest sonne to have all the said two messuages and tentes in Astley aforesaid by them the said Lawrence Twist and Thomas Gest. Adam Mort of Preston, Gentleman my brother. And of this my said last will and testament constitute and ordain and make the said Margaret my wife and George Seddon who is her brother of the halfe blood. My executors to execute the same and I doe desyre my said brother Adam Mort to be overseer. Unto Thomas Smith my neighbour the sum upon trust that he shall bestow employ it towards maintynance of the ministrie of Gods word at Ellenbrook Chapple. Also I give to my son Adam Mort all my books except my law books and I give my son Thomas all my law books. In witness thereof to this present codicil annexed my hand and seal the tenth day of July 1638".

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