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Latin Translations

You will often come across Latin phrases on gravestones and in early documents. Here is a guide to translation.

Latin English
a.a.s. died in the 'stated year' of his/her age (anno aetitis suae)
ab incunabulis from infancy
ablutus christening
abortivus premature birth
aet of age, aged (aetatis)
aetat of age, aged (aetatis)
aetatis of age, aged (Bae, aet, aetat)
altera die on the next day
ambo stranger, foreigner
anno aetitis suae died in the 'stated year' of his/her age (a.a.s.)
anno domini in the year of our Year
anno incarnationis in the year (since/of) the incarnation of the Lord
annus bissextus (bissextilis) leap year
anonyma stillborn daughter
anonymus stillborn son
ante meridiem before noon (a.m.)
anti, ante before
Bae of age, aged (aetatis)
banni marriage banns
baptismi christening
baptizatus christening
biduum space of two days, two-day period
c. about (circa)
ca. about (circa)
circa about (c. or ca.)
cognatus natus -(adjective) related by blood; (noun) a relative or kinsman
cognomen name, surname
conjuncti marriage
conjus husband
conjux wife
consors wife
copulati marriage
copulatio marriage
cras tomorrow
d.s.p. died without issue (decessit sine prole legitima)
d.s.p.l. died without legitimate issue (decessit sine prole mascula supesita)
d.s.p.m.s. died without surviving male issue (decessit sine prole mascula supersita)
d.s.p.s. died without surviving issue (decessit sine prole supersita)
d.v.m. died in the lifetime of his mother (decessit vita matris)
d.v.p. died in the lifetime of his father (decessit vita patris)
decessit death
decessit sine prole legitima died without issue (d.s.p.)
decessit sine prole mascula supersita died without surviving male issue (d.s.p.m.s.)
decessit sine prole mascula supesita died without legitimate issue (d.s.p.l.)
decessit sine prole supersita died without surviving issue (d.s.p.s.)
decessit vita matris died in the lifetime of his mother (d.v.m.)
decessit vita patris died in the lifetime of his father (d.v.p.)
decessus death
defunctus death
denatus death
denuntiationes marriage banns
die sequenti on the following day
die vero this very day
ejustdem die of the same day
eo tempore at this time
eodem anno in the same year
eodem die on the same day
eodem mense in the same month
et al and other (et alia)
et alia and other (et al)
et seq. and the following (et sequens, et sequentes, et sequentia)
et sequens and the following (et seq.)
et sequentes and the following (et seq.)
et sequentia and the following (et seq.)
et ux. and wife (et uxor)
et uxor and wife (et ux.)
femina wife
ff. on the (following) pages (folilis)
filia (daughter of) child
filius (son of) child
folilis on the (following) pages (ff.)
fugit hora hours are fleeting, time flies
genitores parents
genitus birth
H.L.S. here lies buried (hic lacet sepultus)
hic lacet sepultus here lies buried (H.L.S.)
hodie today
humantio burial
humantus burial
ibid. in the same place (ibidem)
ibidem in the same place (ibid.)
ifans child
inst. present month (instans)
instans present month (inst.)
lautus christening
ligati marriage
loc. cit in the place cited (loco citato)
loco citato in the place cited (loc. cit)
long tempore for a long time
lustratio christening
mane in the morning
marita wife
mariti marriage
maritus husband
martimonium marriage
mater mother
Memento mori remember death
meridie noon
mors death
mortis death
mortutuus death
mulier wife
natales birth
nati birth
natus birth
nocte at night
nomen name, given name
nudius terius three days earlier
nunc dies terius three days earlier
nunc temporis of the present time
nupti marriage
obiit death
obitus death
op. cit in the work cited (opere citato)
opere citato in the work cited (op. cit)
oriundus birth
ortus birth
parentes parents
pater father
perendi day after tomorrow
peritus death
plutus christening
pomerid after noon (p.m.)
post meridiem after noon (p.m.)
postridie on the day after, a day later
pridie the day before
pro tempore for (at) the time
proclamationes marriage banns
proles child
puer child
purgatus christening
relict. widow or widower
relicta widow
relictus widower
renatus christening
sepulti burial
sepulutus burial
sic so thus (inserted in brackets after a word or quotation, to indicate that it has been accurately copied even though the writer believes it is questionable or inaccurate)
sponsa wife
sponsati marriage
sponsus husband
Tempus erat time is gone; time has run out
triduum three day period
tunc temporis of former time
ultimo late, often seen referring to the previous month. (utl.)
ult. late, often seen referring to the previous month. (ultimo)
ux. wife (uxor or vs)
uxor wife
uxor wife (ux. or vs -)
vespere in the evening
videlicet namely (vz.)
vidua widow
viduas widower
vir husband
vs wife (uxor or ux.)
vxor wife
vz. namely (videlicet)
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