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The Morts and the Dornings

Extracts from the ‘Dornings in England and America’
Written by Barbara Dennis and Jeanne Walker in 1972

Editors Note:
Many families in small communities from times past were often closely associated as neighbours. As happens with such relationships, marriages between neighbouring families were quite commonplace.
Culcheth, Croft and Winwick were such examples of small farming villages located near to the larger towns of Leigh and Warrington. Technically now regarded as Cheshire towns, they fringe the borders of what was once Lancashire.
My own personal Mort connections from these villages relate to the unions between the Mort and Lythgoe families. However another branch of the Mort line formed strong ties with the Dorning family and as such their histories have frequently inter-mingled. In this chronicle documented by Barbara and Jeanne, the ties between these 2 families are explored. Maybe some of you will find ancestors that you recognise.
Please let us know if you do uncover anything of interest………………

The Dornings:
In order to prove our direct line, we had to prove that Joseph (F-10) was the brother of Jonathon (F-11). The probate record of the document, all on microfilm, leaves his entire estate to his brother and sister, and if deceased to their children. All of the children of his brother Jonathon, and his sister Mary (both deceased) are listed. His sister Hannah Monks was named as administrators of the estate or his sister Martha Atherton. In the 1841 Census of Culcheth, Jonathon Dorning (F-11) as living in the adjoining cottage on the estate, The Mort family (F-12) was also living in one of the cottages. JOSEPH DORNING (E-2) also inherited part of the estate of his uncle, William Hayes (Will dated1773, Cheshire).
Sources: Admin of the estate of Joseph (E-2). Gravestone inscription Winwick Parish Church (Now Newchurch). Probate record. Joseph (F-10), 1881 Census, Culcheth Lancs England.
E   3   JONATHON DORNING, son of Jonathon and Mary (Heyes) Dorning (D1)
b. 1841-44
d. 25 June 1907, Worsley Lancs, Eng
m Martha Leigh
Children: DORNING (1st marriage)
 F 13. Joseph
F 14. Daniel, d15 Nov 1817, Worsley Lancs England
F 15. Peter, d after 1831
Children DORNING (2nd) marriage
 F16. Jonathon, d 11 Sept. 1822, left estate to his mother Martha, probably never married. Jonathon acquired a sizeable estate, the largest apparently being the Clamorclough, which he inherited from his father. The estate was sold after his death. (Clamorclough is now the site of Kersley Railway Station.ND   2002). Jonathon also inherited from his uncle, William Heyes (will dated 1773, Cheshire).
Sources: Jonathon Dorning, 1773, William Heyes 1773, Jonathon Dorning, 1807, Daniel Dorning, 1817, Jonathon Dorning 1822.
E 4    DORNING RASBOTHAM, son of Peter and Hannah (Dorning) Rasbotham (D 5)  b. ca 1730  d. 7 Nov 1791, Farnworth Lancs England. m. ca 1754, Sarah Bagley, dau. Of James Bagley of  Withington  Near Manchester.
F 17. Anne, never married.
F 18. Dorothy, died in infancy.
F 19. Peter  m Dorothy Lever
F 20. Dorning, m Sarah Barton
F 21. Francis, m William Gray
Source: History of Lancashire by Edward Baines.
F 11   JONATHON DORNING, son of Joseph and Ellen Dorning (E 2).
b. ca 1791 Culcheth Lancs England.
d. 8 Feb 1853 Yorkville Racine Co Wis.
Ma. Ca 1834, England Ann Dorning.
G 1. Ellen, b. 7 Oct , bapt.; 25 Dec 1834 d. young.
G 2. Joseph, b 9 Nov. 1837 Culcheth Lancs England.
G 3. Jonathon Amos, b 30 Oct 1839 Culcheth Lancs England.
G 4. Robert E, b. 30 Oct 1839 Culcheth Lancs England
G 5  Samuel  b ca. 1842 Culcheth Lancs England d. 6 Aug 1863 Rolla Mo. during the Civil War. Never married.
G 6   Margaret  b. ca. 18455 Yorkville Racine Wis.
G 7   Peter Harrison  b. 6 Sept 1848 Yorkville Wisc.
G 8   John b. ca 1849 Yorkville Wis.
G 9   Ann b. ca. 1852 Yorkville Wisc.m. 6 Apr 1875 Union Grove, Wisc. Robert Crane.  
Jonathon ran the farm on Cross Lane Culcheth, although it was actually owned by his brother, Joseph.  The title map of 1838 (which is at Newchurch Parish Church) shows Jonathon as the owner. He apparently paid the tithe, since he was living on the farm and running it, but Joseph was not mentioned on the tithe map, but all the documents show him as the owner.
In 1848, Joseph sold the farm to John Pimblett, the indentures bearing the date 15 Apr 1844. Shortly thereafter, the family sailed from Liverpool to America, on the ship Roscius. They arrived in New York on the 12 June 1848. Following is the passenger list, of which we have a copy:
  Jonathon   Dorning aged          53
Ann ‘’ ‘’ 35
Joseph ‘’ ‘’   6
Jonathon‘’ ‘’    4
Robert ‘’ ‘’    3
Samuel ‘’ ‘’   1
Joseph ‘’ ‘’ 57
Jonathon‘’ ‘’ 30
We have further on Jonathon Dorning, aged 30. It is possible that he was actually Jonathon Mort (G 16). It is known that he came to America at about the same time, and the age is the same. Since they all came together, they may have listed them all as Dorning. Mary was not a Dorning either, although she is listed as a Dorning in the 1850 census of Yorkville Wisc. The 1841 census of Culcheth shows her as Mary Harrison .She was not listed in any of the various documents naming Jonathon’s children. She married Augustus Baker. After the death of Jonathon and the remarriage of Ann, Mary raised some of the younger children of Jonathon and Ann. Jonathon purchased land in Yorkville, Wis. on 3 July 1844. On 8 Feb 1853, he was found dead in his stable. In May 1853, his widow, Ann m 2nd William Simmons. They had one daughter, Catherine, who m. 20 Nov 1879, Racine Co. Wisc. George Hicks. 
F 12 MARY DORNING, dau, of Joseph and Ellen Dorning (M 2).d. 19 Dec 1840 Culcheth, Lancashire England. (Reg at Risley Presbyterian Church)
m. 17 May 1807, parish of Wigan, Henry Mort.
Children: MORT
G 10  James, b. .1807/11 Winwick Parish, Mary Sankey.
G 11  John , b. ca. 1820
G 12  Mary, b. 1820s, m. ____ Rogerson.
G 13  Margaret, b,15 Apr 1829. Culcheth Lancs England.
G 14  Joseph, b. ca. 1810, d. 14 May 1865 (age 55, grave at St Helens)
G  15 Ellen, b. 1817/21
G 16  Jonathon, b. ca 1813
Sources:  Probate record of Joseph Dorning (F 10). 1841 Census of Culcheth. Church Register of Risley Church. Chapel, Culcheth. Pearl Rossard, grand daughter of Margaret (G 13).
F 13 JOSEPH DORNING, son of Jonathon and _____ ( Royle ) Dorning (E 3).
d. will dated Feb. 1 1800 Swinton  Lancs  England.
Children: DORNING
G-17 Ann (under age of 21 in 1800).
There was also a step daughter , Sarah Butterworth mentioned in Joseph’s will.
F 14 DANIEL DORNING, son of Jonathon and ____ ( Royle) Dorning (E 3).
d. 15 Nov 1817 Worsley Lancs. England. m. Martha____
 Children:  DORNING
G 18 Sarah,b. 24 July 1789, bapt. 27 Sept. Worsley England.
  Source: Will of Daniel.
G 2   JOSEPH DORNING, son of Jonathan & Ann (Harrison) Dorning F 11  b   Nov 9,  1837, Culcheth, Lancashire, England d   Jan 19, 1905      Firth, Nebraska, m   MARY ELIZABETH NUGENT m  Nov 28, 1865   Racine, Wisconsin. d  1915 Azusa, California
Children:  DORNING
   H 1  Margaret  b  Sep 27, 1866  Racine County, Wisconsin
   H 2   FLORENCE MONICA b  Oct 25, 1868  Racine County, Wisconsin
   H 3 MARY JOSEPHINE b  June 11, 1871  Yorkville, Racine, Wisconsin d  May 3, 1888  buried at Firth cemetery in Firth, Nebraska
   H 4 JAMES FRANCIS  b  Jan 23, 1876, Yorkville, Racine, Wisconsin
   H 5   SAMUEL HARRISON  b   Nov 22, 1876  Yorkville, Racine, Wisconsin
Joseph was born at the farm on Cross Lane, Culcheth, Lancashire, England, and came to America with his parents at the age of six.  He served in the Civil War, in the 2nd. Wisconsin Calvary, and was honorably discharged.  After the war, he returned to Yorkville, where he married. He served as a clerk on the school board for several terms, and also as town treasurer. He later moved his family to Firth, Nebraska, where he died in 1905.  His widow moved to Azusa, California, where she died in 1915.  Several of their descendants still live in southern California.
 Sources:  Civil War papers, ‘History of Racine & Kenosha Counties” Wisconsin, 1879. Birth Register Winwick Parish, Culcheth
G 3    JONATHON AMOS DORNING  son of Jonathon & Ann (Harrison) Dorning F 11 b  Oct 30, 1837  Culcheth, Lancashire, England d  Aug 7, 1929   Cortland, Nebraska  buried at Firth Cemetery, Firth, Nebraska. m  FRANCES  ANN  YATES  m  Nov 2, 1865  Yorkville, Racine, Wisconsin.
Children:  DORNING
H 6 FANNIE ESTELLA  “Stella” b  Sep 21, 1866    never married
H 7 JONATHON b   Oct 17, 1867  on the death certificate of Jonathon Amos  (G 3)  the  informant was Bert Dorning.  We believe this may have been the son of this Jonathon. We have  no record of his marriage or death
  H 8 ELIZABETH    b   Dec 17,1868  Yorkville, Racine, Wisconsin   m  L. A. SCHOOLING
  H 9 DOROTHY AM b   Nov 30, 1871  Yorkville, Racine, Wisconsin m  _____ STEELE
  H 10 JAMES  b  Sep 10, 1874   Yorkville, Racine, Wisconsin d  Apr 1, 1943  Seattle,Washington. m  ADA _____
His obituary from the Seattle Post Intelligencer lists his wife and sisters as survivors, but no children.  In an index of Washington State deaths, we find Ada M. Dorning d Sep 12, 1917.  She was probably a daughter.  This death occurred during a flu epidemic in Seattle.  
H 11. Catherine “Kate”, b. 2 Dec. 1878, Yorkville, Wis. M. ____ Embree.
H 12 Ida N. b.20 Mar 1880, Nebraska, m. ___ McCabe, the death certificate giving her Seattle address. We have checked the phone book and directories for the time period but have been unable to find her. Since this was during World War Two and the address is now adjoining a golf course  and a park, we believe it may have been a military housing project. It was very near Sand Point Naval Air Station.
H 13 Helen, b. 20 Aug 1881, Nebraska, m. ____ Steele.
Early in life Jonathon became interested in animals, and made up his mind to become a Veterinarian. He first received instruction from a Doctor Lawton of Racine, Wisconsin. At the age of twenty he went to Chicago, where he entered the veterinary institute graduating in the class of 1861. During the Civil War, he served in the 2nd Wisconsin Cavalry as a veterinary surgeon.
  In 1878, he left Wisconsin, and settled in Gege. Co Nebraska. He purchased thirty acres of unbroken land, which he developed into a very beautiful farm, whilst also developing a huge veterinary practice.
Sources: Birth certificate. Civil War Papers. Biographical sketch from “Portrait & Biographical Album”, Gage. Co. Nebraska. Names of daughters from obit. Of James (H 10 )
G 4 ROBERT E DORNING, son of Jonathon and Ann ( Harrison ) Dorning ( F 11 b. 23 Mar 1851 Culcheth Lancashire England. d. 20 Dec 1918, Kinsley Kansas. m.3 Jan 1863, Racine Wis. Barbara Ellen Swartz, she b. 1841, new York dau, of Wm. J & Freelove Swartz.
Children: DORNING
H 14 Samuel Lee, b. 27 Feb. 1866, Canada.
H 15 LUCY b   1867   Racine, Wisconsin.  d   mid 1920’s  Seattle, Washington.  buried in Seattle m  GEORGE REYNOLDS
H 16 RUBY   b   1868  Racine, Wisconsin m  J. P. COATS
H 17 ANNA b   1869   Racine, Wisconsin m   CHARLES  SLATER
H 18 FANNY  b   1870  Racine, Wisconsin d    Young
H 19 WILLIAM b   1871  Racine, Wisconsin m   EDITH_____       no children
H 20 PETER b   1873    Racine, Wisconsin d   May 12 1888   Garfield, Kansas
H 21 ALICE  L.  b Apr 7, 1874   Racine, Wisconsin
H 22 JOHN b  Oct 10, 1875  Racine, Wisconsin
H 23 NETTIE b  1876   Racine, Wisconsin d  May 13, 1887  Garfield, Kansas
Robert was married in Racine County, Wisconsin.  Shortly thereafter he went to Canada for a short time, where his first child was born.He returned to Yorkville, Wisconsin before the birth of the next child. A descendant
told us that whenever his wife had a baby, he would get her all set up in the house. Then he would go out and sit in the barn until it was all over.
Sometime in the late 1870's, Robert took his family and moved to Kinsley, Kansas, where he died in 1918. He is buried at Garfield, Kansas.
In later years Robert lived with his daughter Alice Wieneke, in La Junta, Colorado. He lived in the past in his last days, and would wander off trying to get to Kansas, where he had lived so long. One time he ran away and was found walking the railroad tracks on his way to Kansas, but we have his death certificate, showing Kinsley, Kansas as his place of death.

Sources: Death cert. Census 1841, Culcheth, Lanc., Eng., 1850-60-70 censuses, Racine Co., Wisc.1889 Pawnee Co., Kansas (name mistakenly given as Darling in this census) Mrs Stella Dwyer, Mrs Ruby Eby, Mildred Dorning.

G-6   MARGARET DORNING, dau of Jonathon and Ann (Harrison) Dorning (F-11) b. ca 1845, Yorkville, Wis.d in Trinidad. Colorado m ca 1864/5, Racine Co., Wis. Joshua Pierce

Children:  PIERCE
        H-24 May, m Al Younkin. lived in Venice, Calif.
        H-25 Frankie, m 1. Frank Ryland, lived in Monroe, Wash., m 2. Arthur Olson lived in Glendale. Calif.
        H-26 Blanche., m Gill Simmons, lived in Larned, Kansas, d in Kansas City, Ks.

Source: Ruby Eby

G-7    PETER HARRISON DORNING, son of Jonathon and Ann (Harrison)
         Dorning (F-11) b 6 Sept, 1848, Yorkville, Racine Co., Wis. d 25 Apr. 1922, Machias, Snohomish Co., Wash. bur. at Machias Cem.m 28 Feb 1877, Union Grove, Wis., Ida Evelyn Smith, she b Jan 1853 Elkhorn, Wis. It is believed that she was the daughter of Eliza (Lapham)
Smith, widow of Tamplin Smith. However Ida was not the daughter of
Tamplin Smith, since he died two years before she was born. Her birth date is given on her death cert., and the year agrees with various census records.

Children: DORNING
 H-27. Elizabeth, b 6 June 1880, Pine City, Wash.
H-28  Floyd Jonathon, b 28 Apr. 1882, Pine City, Wash.     
H-29 John Smith., b 2 Dec, 1884, Pine City, Wash.
H-30 Peter Harrison, b ca 1886, Pine City, Wash. d. 4 Jan., 1919, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, never married
H-31 Robert Jay, b 16 Oct. 1888, probably Sand Point, Idaho
H-32 Ida Evelyn, "Linnie" b 5 May 1893, Forks, Wash.
H-33 Roy Tamplin, b 7 May 1896, Forks, Wash  
Shortly after Peter and Ida got married they left Wisconsin, and settled in Pine city, Whitman County, Washington Territory.   Sometime before 1888, his wheat crop failed, It was hard times and he was forced leave his work of home in Pine city.  With four children they spent one winter in Sand Point, Idaho, working on the Railroad, after adding another child in Sand point, then traveled to the West Coast.   Seattle was a lumbering Boomtown in 1890, but they had friends waiting in Sidney, (now called Port Orchard on the Olympic Peninsula.)         They stayed with them awhile resting up for the next lap of their journey.  John Dorning then age 6 remembers having the responsibility of pulling a small four wheeled, cart, with their family possessions stacked high. There was not really a road, but merely a path that led the way through forests and wetlands.  MILES who knows how many footsteps to these?  
And so they moved again with hopes high to Forks, Washington, where Peter worked on the surveyor crew, for U S Highway # 101 which was under construction. 
 In forks, they first lived along the Bogachiel River.  Their cabin was located at what is now table  # 3 in Bogachiel State Park.  Later they homesteaded on the Hoh River. As a boy growing up there John had no childhood friends except siblings or Indians who lived close by.  His brother Floyd, keeping in English tradition got to go to school, He even got to go to some college. but John stayed with his dad and helped support the family. He and his father ran a freight canoe up the Hoh and Bogachiel rivers to the settlers. John learned much from his Indian playmates.  He could speak enough “ Chinook Gargon” to get him by, and by putting on a hat he was mistaken   
In about 1898, they went to Snohomish County, Washington, where they settled between Machias and Hartford.  They had a farm in what was called “Swedetown” on the  Philchuck River.   His and his families were not only charter members of the Machias community Church but they helped build it. He was 74 when he died, but he when he reached an advanced age, he did not want to live with any of his children, but preferred to live in his own home.  While attempting to walk up the hill through the forest to visit his daughter Ida E. “ Linnie” Menzies, he fell over an embankment, and was found lying there after a day or two.  He died of exposure, shortly afterwards.
Sources:  Marriage Certificate   Death certificates
       Census 1850: 1860: 1870: Yorkville, WI, 1880: 1883: 1885: 1887: Whitman
       Personal knowledge, Myrtle Dorning: Don Dorning:  as told by father Floyd
Dorning   H 27 on trip to forks.  William Dorning I 50 as told by his Father, John Dorning H 28                     
G 8 JOHN DORNING, son of Jonathan & Ann (Harrison) Dorning F 11 b   about 1849, Yorkville, Wisconsin m  JOSEPHINE ( WRIGHT /or SPAFFORD) m  Jan. 21, 1872   Racine, Wisconsin
Children:  DORNING
H 34 JOSEPHINE b Jan 29 1874   Racine, Wisconsin m WILLIAM H. NEARMAN m Apr 5, 1896   Racine, Wisconsin
Sources:  Racine County, Wisconsin Vital records. Racine County, Wisconsin Census 1850:  1860:  1870:  1880:
G 11 JOHN MORT, son of Henry & Mary ( Dorning ) Mort  F 12 b  about 1820, Lancashire, England d  Jan. 12, 1867  Culcheth, Lancashire, England, buried graveyard at Risley Presbyterian Chapel, Culcheth. m MARTHA MONKS
Children:  MORT
H 35 JAMES b Jan. 27, 1844, Culcheth, Lancashire, England
H 36 JONATHON b Mar. 27, 1846, Culcheth, Lancashire, England
H 37 ANNIE b   Feb. 1862, Culcheth, Lancashire, England
Source: Church Register at Risley Presbyterian Chapel, Culcheth, Lancashire, England

G 13 MARGARET MORT, daughter of Henry & Mary (Dorning) Mort F 12 b Apr. 21, 1829, Culcheth, Lancashire, England d Mar. 10, 1914, Hartline, Washington. m  1   THOMAS HILL  b  May 1, 1824,  Lowton, Lancashire, England d  May 19, 1873, Spring Green, Wisconsin. M 2 ____ BARMBY
Children: HILL
H 38 Thomas
 b Oct 16, 1846, Culcheth, Lancashire, England
 b   about 1849, Culcheth, Lancashire, England
 b about 1854, Culcheth, Lancashire, England
 b Apr. 5, 1858, Spring Green, Sauk County, Wisconsin
 b 1860, Spring Green, Sauk, Wisconsin
 d 1947, died and buried at Hartline, Washington
 m  SUSIE ____
 b 1862
 d 1902 buried at Hartline, Washington
 son CARL J. HILL b Apr 9, 1902, d 1950 & buried at Hartline, Washington
 b 1864, Spring Green, Wisconsin, 
 d 1950,  & buried at Hartline, Washington
After the Dorning family sold the farm on Cross Lane, in Culcheth, in 1844, Thomas Hill, leased it, and continued living there with his family until 1856.  In 1856 they sailed for America, landing in Philadelphia.  They traveled to Racine County, Wisconsin, and paid a short visit to their Dorning relatives, before settling in Spring Green, Wisconsin. They owned a large farm there which they called the “Cross Lane Farm” in memory of the home they left in England.  In 1956 the family received a 100 year certificate for the farm.  It is now owned by their granddaughter, Mrs. Pearl Hill Bossard.
Sources:  Pearl Bossard Cemetery records at Hartline, Washington
G 14 JOSEPH MORT, son of   Henry  &  Mary  ( Dorning )  Mort     F 12                                       b   about 1810   age 55, on grave record d  May 14, 1865  buried at Newchurch Parish  Churchyard  m  ALICE MOFFATT m  1837,  Winwick Parish, Culcheth, Lancashire, England d   Apr. 21, 1893,   she was age 75 years
Children: MORT
H 44 ELLEN b Sep. 8, 1839, Culcheth, Lancashire, England
H 45 MARGARET b   Apr. 25, 1841, Culcheth, Lancashire, England
H 46 MARTHA b   Oct. 4, 1843, Culcheth, Lancashire, England
H 47 THOMAS b   about 1832, d   May 9, 1866
H 48 JOHN b about 1835, d Dec. 2, 1868 age 33 years, grave record
H 49 HENRY b   about 1853, d   Sep. 8, 1867   age 14 years, grave record
The last three children were all listed on the same stone as Joseph and Alice, at Newchurch parish churchyard.   The marriage date for Joseph and Alice is wrong, or this was a second marriage for Joseph, The marriage date was given in the register of Risley Presbyterian Chapel.  (I’ve found some errors in my copy of these records.)                            
G 15 ELLEN MORT, daughter of Henry  & Mary  (DORNING) F 12 b between 1817 and 1821 M JOHN POMFRET
 Children:  POMFRET
H 50 MARY b Dec. 24, 1839, Culcheth, Lancashire, England
Sources:  Register of Risley Presbyterian Chapel., Named in probate record of Joseph Dorning F 10
G 16  JONATHAN MORT, son of Henry & Mary (Dorning) Mort F 12 b about 1813, m   MARY ____
Children:  MORT
H 51 JAMES b   about 1847, Wisconsin
H 52 THOMAS b about 1849, Wisconsin
H 53 ALFRED b about 1851, Wisconsin
H 54 MARGARET b about 1853. Wisconsin
H 55 JONATHON b   about 1856,  Wisconsin
H 56 REUBEN b   about 1859, Wisconsin
This family was living very near the Thomas Hill family G 13 in the 1860 census for Spring Green, Sauk Co. Wisconsin.   However, they came over much earlier than the Hill’s..  Jonathon’s wife Mary was born in England, but all the children were born in Wisconsin.  It is unknown whether they were married in England or America.  It is possible that this Jonathon Mort is the same person who was listed on the passenger list as Jonathon Dorning, age 30. (See F 11).  The age is the same, and we know that Mary Dorning, age 12, on the same list was actually Mary Harrison.  Since they all came together, they may have put them all down as “Dorning’s”
Sources:  1841 census, Culcheth, Lancashire, England, 1860 census, Spring Green, Wisconsin

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