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Kenyon family of Peel Hall, Little Hulton

Shrievalty and Assizes

FILE [no title] - ref. DDKE/3/135 - date: 8 Sep. 1762

[from Scope and Content] Warrant for distraint on goods of John Walker, administrator of Frances his late wife, who was administratrix of Richard Tetlock, her former husband, deceased - to answer a plea of trespass by Ralph Mort at the next county court

Duchy of Lancaster

FILE - Duchy court depositions - ref. DDKE/5/157 - date: 1669-1670

[from Scope and Content] (8) Nicholas Mosley, esq., farmer of the mills of Manchester grammar school v. Ralph Chorlton, Mary Dawson, Samuel Mort, Thomas Deane and other inhabitants of Manchester, 23 Apr. 1670.


Kenyon family of Peel Hall, Little Hulton

HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS COMMISSION 14th Report, Appendix P1 IV (1894) 'The Manuscripts of Lord Kenyon'

FILE - ORDER touching HIGHWAYS in the HUNDRED OF DERBY, made at the General Quarter Sessions held at Ormskirk. - ref. DDKE/acc. 7840 HMC/629 - date: 1688, July 16

[from Scope and Content] "Legh:--William Hilton, Esquire; John Rizley, Esquire; Richard Stanley, Esquire; Thomas Mort, Esquire; Roger Kenyon, Esquire; Mr. Alexander Ratcliffe, Mr. Rizley Brown, Mr. John Sorocold.

FILE [no title] - ref. DDKE/acc. 7840 HMC/635 - date: 1688, September 28 to November 21

[from Scope and Content] "November 3. Ibidem.--This day, Major Farrington, Major Preston, and Mr. Copley were with his Lordshipp, to give names to supply vacancies. This day, Captain Oldfield was there, about their Cheshire concernes, for the militia of Cheshire. This day, Councellor Mort was there, sent for to advise how farr his Lordshipp might legally act, if occasion should be, before the Commission came. All resolve they would, if great occasion should be, act by it; but could not raise money for the militia, without the Comission. Mr. Bankes and R[oger] K[enyon] then there.


Strutt family of Belper, Derbyshire

Title deeds of the Strutt family deposited from the Strutt Estate Office, Belper

Additional title deeds


FILE [no title] - ref. D3772/T42/91/1-3 - date: 1950-1953

[from Scope and Content] (Mort and Brown)


FILE [no title] - ref. D3772/T51/3/1-13 - date: 1948-1950

[from Scope and Content] Deeds concerning a partnership between Arthur Brown and Ann Mort at Bargate Farm, Holbrook


FILE [no title] - ref. DDX 312/1b - date: 9 Dec. 1685

[from Scope and Content] Mortgage by assignment for 70 years: for 42: Hugh Makant of Tildesley, weaver, to Robert Mort of Wharton Hall in Little Hilton, gent. -- messuage and tenement.

Papers concerning the affairs of William Speakman of Tyldesley

Bedford, Leigh

FILE [no title] - ref. DDX 312/44 - date: 1678-1680

[from Scope and Content] (1) Robert Mort of Warton Hall, gent.

FILE [no title] - ref. DDX 142/7 - date: 1867-1874

[from Scope and Content] Probate (P.P.R.) of James Mort (d.11 Dec. 1873) of Sale Moor, gent., later of Ashton upon Mersey.

[from Scope and Content] Devises and bequeaths all belongings to exors., wife Maria, only child Ellinor Emma Ford, and nephew James Mort, to provide annuity for wife, and give residue to dau., and if she die in testator's lifetime, residue to be divided between living sisters and brothers.


Shuttleworth, Dallas and Cromblehome, Preston, solicitors


FILE [no title] - ref. DDCM 3/33 - date: 27/28 Oct. 1680

[from Scope and Content] Lease and release: for 60: Margaret Crooke and Mary Crooke of Leyland, spinsters, executrices of the will of William Crooke of Leyland, yeoman, deceased, to Peter Aspinall of Parr, clerke, Richard Okell of Bretherton, Henry Croston of Croston, Sylvester Sutch of Ormskirke, Richard Crooke of Coppull, Richard Banester of Croston, gents., William Rosse, Thomas Rosse, Thomas Holland, William Bretherton, Edward Bamford, William Hodges and James Farror the younger, all of Bretherton, yeomen, and Hugh Forshawe of Tarlton, yeoman. (feoffees and trustees of a free school lately erected in Bretherton) -- 3 closes in Eccleston called Drapers Fields or Drapers Grounds, commonly called the Meadow - Moriley Know-Moriley and Little Moriley (7 ac) with all the appurtenances except common in the wastes of Eccleston -- Witn: Tho.Mort, Benj. Edmundson, Tho. Wilson, Rd. Markland, Peter Finch.

FILE [no title] - ref. DDCM 3/34 - date: 28 Oct. 1680

[from Scope and Content] Bond in 120: parties as DDCM 3/23 above: to perform covenants (see DDCM 3/23 above). Witn: Tho.Mort, Benj.Edmundson, Tho.Wilson, Rd.Markland.


Leigh family of Hindley Hall

Additional Papers

BOX 12 - ref. D/D Lei Add/12

Parcel No 1 Title Deeds to Gilbert Ashton's Estate in Wiend, Wigan

FILE [no title] - ref. D/D Lei Add/12/12 - date: 14- 3-1760

[from Scope and Content] Conveyance of a house in the Wiend, Wigan. William Mort & wife to Gilbert Ashton.

FILE [no title] - ref. D/D Lei Add/12/13 - date: 17- 3-1760

[from Scope and Content] Judgement and seisin recovery Gilbert Ashton. Holt Leigh & Edward Bullen and William Mort & his wife Jane. Holt Leigh.


Birch Cullimore, Chester, solicitors

ref. DBC 261

FILE [no title] - ref. DBC 261/59 - date: nd

[from Scope and Content] Bundle: Vouchers for payments made by Joseph Mort. 1757 - 1764.

[from Scope and Content] Bundle: Letters from Daniel Basnett of Frodsham to Joseph Mort, attorney at law, Frodsham, with accounts and (copy) writ of capias. (11 items). 1762 - 1767.


Staunton family of Staunton Hall, Nottingham

[Access Conditions]

Records are open for consultation unless otherwise indicated

MIDDLESEX: Shadwell - ref. DD/S/35

FILE - Assignment for 5s - ref. DD/S/35/1 - date: 14 Mar. 1775

[from Scope and Content] John Mort of par. St. Leonard, Shoreditch, co. Middlesex, grocer, to John Entwistle of Manchester and James Entwistle of Newark, chapmen and Job Brough of Newark, gent:-- parcel of land with 13 decayed messuages and buildings in Shadwell, co. Middlesex (frontage of 126 ft. N. to S. on Foxes Lane and 124 ft. E. to W. to Spring St., alias Babbs Fields); carriage way through New St. and Spring St. --: recites lease for 21 years of the premises (13 Jan. 1756); mortgage (24 June 1769) and order of Court of Chancery (July 1774)

FILE - Assignment - ref. DD/S/35/2 - date: 20 June 1775

[from Scope and Content] (i) Edward Graves of par. St. Paul, Shadwell (late of par. St. Andrew, Holborn, Middlesex) builder and wife Elizabeth (ii) John and James Entwistle and Job Brough (iii) John Mort: for 45.2.8. by J.M. to J. and J.E. and J.B.:-- property as DD/S/35/1

Misc. documents re various townships purchased from Alan Keen


FILE [no title] - ref. DP 142 - date: 17 Jan. 1714/5

[from Scope and Content] Release: for 600: i Thomas Jameson, late of Ashton-in-Makerfield, now of Charles County in Maryland in America, gent, & Mary his wife, John J. of the same, shipwright, & Elizabeth his wife, William J. of the same, planter, Anne J. of the same, spinster, Thomas Duell of Dean Street, St. Andrews Holborn, London, saylor, & Elizabeth his wife, Peter Blow of St.Annes, co.Middlesex, jeweller, & Mary his wife which T.J., J.J., W.J., A.J., E.D., & M.B. are children of Margaret J. of Ashton, widow, who was sister of Henry Brabin of York, mercer, decd., ii Robert Gibson, esq. & Thomas Bennison, gent. both of Lancaster, & iii Nicholas Starkie, esq. & Charles Gibson, gent. both of Preston -- capital messuage called Docker, with closes, in Whittington; also messuage called Herst & a close called the Mort Intack; in all 100a, in the tenure of Thomas Huck -- Witn: John Lurtine, Thomas Jones, Phillip Hoskins, Ethelbart Doyne, Ignatius Doyne. Seals

Standish Family of Duxbury

Title deeds including leases - ref. DP 502/1

Various townships

FILE [no title] - ref. DP 502/1/8/3 - date: 12 Jan 1685

[from Scope and Content] Witnesses: Thomas Mort, William Haydock, Thomas Wilson, R Standish


Church of England, Manchester Diocese, Greater Manchester


FILE - School - ref. M39/9 - date: 11 Jan. 1797

[from Scope and Content] Petition of 64 inhabitants of Astley, Leigh, to the trustees of lands devised by the will of Adam Mort, 19 Mar. 1630, to maintain a schoolmaster, to replace the schoolmaster Robt. Cunliffe for having neglected his duties, and memorial of Thos. Mort Froggatt of Dam House, Astley, esq., Jas. Kearsley of Hulton, esq. and John Hope of Chaddock, Tyldesley, gent., trustees, to Wm. [Cleaver], Bishop of Chester, asking him to withdraw his licence from Cunliffe.

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