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Oswestry Borough Council, c13th century - 1967

Oswestry Rural Borough Council, 1967-1974

Oswestry Town Council, 1974 - c21st century

[Access Conditions]

Some of the post 1900 records are confidential and are either closed to public access for a set period of time, or are available for consultation only with the consent of the Town Clerk. These restrictions are indicated in the catalogue.

Items which are fragile and would be further damaged by handling are not available for consultation until they have been repaired. Photocopies will not be made of any items which, because of their condition or format, would be subject to risk of damage in the photocopying process. These restrictions are indicated in the searchroom copy of the list.

The searchroom is open by appointment only. Details of opening hours and regulations are obtainable from Oswestry Town Council's Offices and website.

The Unreformed Borough


Mayor's Accounts - ref. OB/A3

FILE - Accounts of John Mort. - ref. OB/A3/16 - date: 1744


Certificates of Election of Burgesses - ref. OB/A8

FILE - John Mort of Oswestry, gent. - ref. OB/A8/28 - date: 12 Jan 1732/3


Muringer's Vouchers of John Mort - ref. OB/A15


Lancashire Quarter Sessions


Manchester, Midsummer, 1653. - ref. QSP/84

FILE - Barton -- habitation for Thomas Mort. - ref. QSP/84/2 - date: c1653

Manchester, Epiphany, 1656/7. - ref. QSP/140

FILE - Little Hulton -- presentment of house of Elizabeth Mort, widow. - ref. QSP/140/20 - date: c1656/7


Lancashire Quarter Sessions


Manchester, Easter, 1666. - ref. QSP/288

FILE - Over Hulton -- habitation for Margaret Mort, widow. - ref. QSP/288/25 - date: c1666

Manchester, Michaelmas, 1666. - ref. QSP/295

FILE - Over Hulton -- maintenance of Margret Mort, widow, by widow Sanderson. - ref. QSP/295/12 - date: c1666


Hand, Morgan and Owen, Stafford and Lichfield, solicitors





NORRIS of High Offley, Horsley etc.


Hitchens Farm, Horsley p. Eccleshall

FILE [no title] - ref. D1798/660/4 - date: 1812-1891

[from Scope and Content] Podmore/Mort/Norris.


Joliffe, Wickham and Wood, Chester, solicitors


FILE - Release & Assignment of remainder of term of 500 yrs - ref. DJWW/216 - date: 1741 14th July

[from Scope and Content] 4) Elizabeth Mort of the City of Chester, spinster.

FILE - Bond in 100. Further charge of 50 - ref. DJWW/217 - date: 1741 16th July

[from Scope and Content] 2) Elizabeth Mort of the same, spinster.


Houghton, Craven and Co, Preston, solicitors

FILE [no title] - ref. DDH 4 - date: 12 Sep. 1727

[from Scope and Content] Marriage Agreement: (i)John Crompton of Chorley Hall, gent., (ii)Margaret Rigby of Atherton, spinster, & (iii)Adam Mort of Atherton, gent. & John his brother, chapman -- messuage in Chorley called the Hall in the Wood, now in the tenure of Thomas Mather, brother-in-law to J.C., & demesne lands of Chorley Hall called the Dreanacres, Dow Flatt, Mill Field, Wheat Field, Mawkins Meadow, Margarets Field, Copy, & 5 closes between Euxton Lane & Astley Lane called the Ox Heys -- recites deed of 29 Jan. 1722/3 between (i)Abraham Crompton of Derby,gent. (ii) J.C.m & (iii)John Hieron of Little Eaton, co.Derby, gent. & Joseph Orme of Makeney, co.Derby, gent. whereby inter alia, Chorley Hall was settled on J.C. If his wife Hannah died he could settle land to value of 100 on 2nd wife. Witn: Nathan Mort, Edward Rigby, Jo. Walmisley. Seals.


Blundell family of Ince Blundell

Legal Papers - ref. DDIN 55

FILE - "Mr Lever's opinion about the Tuition of Sir Charles Anderton's children, with Mr. Mort's opinion about the falling timber upon Conscough and Lidiate Estates". - ref. DDIN 55/133 - date: c 1692

General Settlements, etc. - ref. DDIN 64

FILE - Assignment - ref. DDIN 64/140 - date: 21 Feb. 1705/6

[from Scope and Content] For 5/- Dame Margaret, widow of Sir Charles Anderton of Lostock, Sir James Anderton, son and heir of Sir C.A., John Pope of Furnivall's Inn co. Middlesex gent. to Sir William Gerard of Garswood, Thomas Mort of Damhouse esq., Thomas Culcheth of Culcheth esq. and John Gelibrand of Chorley gent: further to a recited Settlement - Manors of Lostock, Anderton, Heaton, Horwich, Rumworth and Harrockford, all property of Dame M.A and Sir J.A in Lostock, Anderton, Heaton, Horwich, Rumworth, Harrockford, Bury, Manchester Kildesley and Ladyhough, Tithes of Eccles and Dean, manors of Lydiate, Conscough, Egergarth, and all property of Dame M.A and Sir J.A in Lydiate Melling, Cunscough Egergarth Aughton Maghull and Aintree, to recited uses (Laurence, Josh, Francis and Joseph Anderton, brothers of Sir J.A; Francis Anderton, uncle of Sir J.A; Elizabeth and Ann, daughters of Sir C.A; Mary Blundell, daughter of Sir C and Dame M.A -- assigns the "scete of an ancient decayed Castle called Kendale Park", Kendal, co. Westmoreland -- to uses as limited in Settlement. Copy.

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