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Kenyon family of Peel Hall, Little Hulton

HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS COMMISSION 14th Report, Appendix P1 IV (1894) 'The Manuscripts of Lord Kenyon'

[from Scope and Content] Mort, Morte:

FILE - THOMAS MORT to GEORGE RIGBY, at Ormskirk. - ref. DDKE/acc. 7840 HMC/113 - date: 1631, April 21

FILE - THOMAS MORT to GEORGE RIGBY, Clerk of the Peace. - ref. DDKE/acc. 7840 HMC/133 - date: 1631-2, January

FILE - THOMAS MORT to ROGER KENYON. - ref. DDKE/acc. 7840 HMC/343 - date: 1676, April 15

Bundle 2. Property in Bedford, Lowton & Tyldesley. Also Aspull

FILE [no title] - ref. DDX 349/29 - date: 13 Apr. 1709

[from Scope and Content] Assignment of Mortgage: for 32.10.8: Nathan Mort of Atherton, gent. (son of Robert Mort of Warton Hall in Little Hulton, gent. decd.) to Mary Mort, spinster (daughter of Thomas Mort of Warton Hall, gent. decd., elder brother of N.M.) -- messuage in Tildesley late in tenure of Ranulph, decd. father of H.M.


Deeds of bargain and sale

FILE - ROLL 43 - ref. QDD/43 [n.d.]

item: Humfrey Booth of Salford, gent., to his natural son, Humfrey; Thomas Mort of Smithfold in Little Hulton, gent., Henrye Wrigley of Salford, chapman, Thomas Smith of the Smithfold, chapman, George Cranedge & William Cooke of Salford, chapmen. -- Eccles, Pendleton & Highfield (in Eccles) - ref. QDD/43/F3 - date: 26 January 1634/5

FILE - ROLL 44 (With QDD/43) - ref. QDD/44 [n.d.]

item: Sir John Talbott of Sailesbury, Adam Mort of Preston, gent., & William Cowper of Cuerden, yeoman, to George Talbott, gent., son of Sir John. -- Mellor - ref. QDD/44/F10 - date: 6 October 1637

FILE - ROLL 50 - ref. QDD/50 [n.d.]

item: Adam Mort of Astley, gent., to John Thomas of Wigan & William Gerrard of Pennington, gents. -- Manor of Astley; Tildesley & Bedford - ref. QDD/50/F3 - date: 6 March 1650/51


Talbot, Bretherton-, Hawkshead- family of Chorley

Title Deeds

Hawkshead Estates - ref. DDHK 3/4

Lancaster-Lea Estates

FILE [no title] - ref. DDHK 3/4/133 - date: 1693

[from Scope and Content] 2b) Alexander Mort of Wigan, gentleman

FILE [no title] - ref. DDHK 3/4/134 - date: 1693

[from Scope and Content] 2b) Alexander Mort of Wigan, gentleman

FILE [no title] - ref. DDHK 3/4/136 - date: 1718

[from Scope and Content] 1b) Alexander Mort of Tyldesley, gentleman


Molyneux family, Earls of Sefton

Liverpool - ref. DDM 39

Town and Lordship

FILE - Lease and Release - ref. DDM 39/101 - date: 20/21 Aug. 1788

[from Scope and Content] For 315: Charles William, Earl of Sefton, to Thomas Earl, esq. mayor, and Thomas Staniforth and Clayton Tarleton, gents, bailiffs of Liverpool -- small house fronting the passage leading out of the Old Ropery; also several stables in the tenure of Jno. Evans, Jas. Moon, Jonadal Mort and Mrs. Chapman; also a small part of a building formerly used as a theatre -- required for street making. (Copy.)


General Leases

FILE - Ruth Mort of Toxteth Park, widow - ref. DDM 50/125 - date: 9 Feb. 1722/3

FILE - Ruth Mort of Toxteth Park, widow - ref. DDM 50/142 - date: 23 Jun. 1730


Earle family of Liverpool, merchants and shipowners

[Access Conditions]

Such is the importance of this collection for the history of Liverpool and the slave trade that parts of it have been microfilmed as part of a commercial publication: Abolition & Emancipation, by Adam Matthews Publications. A copy of the microfilm is available in the searchroom. (Only D/EARLE/Sections 1-5 and D/EARLE/7/1-12 have been microfilmed).

Due to the fragile condition of many of the items in this collection, we request searchers to use the microfilms. Please consult the archivists if you need to see the original documents.


[Access Conditions] Please note that the majority of these documents are too fragile to be produced, and/or are awaiting conservation treatment for mildew. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

FILE [no title] - ref. D/EARLE/9/7 - date: 8 June 1854

[from Scope and Content] Marriage settlement of Thomas Earle and Mary Mort.

[from Scope and Content] Mary Mort

[from Scope and Content] John Mort


Anderton family of Ince and Euxton


Bundle 58

FILE [no title] - ref. D/D An/Bundle 58/5 - date: Not dated

[from Scope and Content] Cap. Mort

FILE [no title] - ref. D/D An/Bundle 58/10 - date: 19. Aug. 14 Car II

[from Scope and Content] To Commissioners - cereficate that Seth Mort of Preston was Captain in Royalist Army of being in indigent circumstances is recommenced for share of money.

FILE [no title] - ref. D/D An/Bundle 58/25 - date: 9.4.1664

[from Scope and Content] H. Anderton Seth Mort 16


Markland family of Wigan

DEEDS - ref. D/D Ma/A

FILE - WILL & probate of Raufe Markland - ref. D/D Ma/A/21 - date: 1702

[from Scope and Content] Beneficaries: his wife, son John, grandsons Ralph Markland, Ralph Layward, Ralph Wilmore; kinsman Thomas Mort of Damhouse; Kinswoman Elizabeth Daniel; daughters, Elizabeth, Dorothy. Jenet, Margaret, & Sarah (all recorded as married but no surnames).


FILE - LETTER from Mr. Mort, of Damhouse, to Mr. Markland, Wigan, with reference to the affairs of Mr. Molyneux, of Hawkley husband of Mort's sister, and "his Wylde notions and giddy Way." - ref. D/D Ma/B/12 - date: 1724

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