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Lancashire Quarter Sessions


Sacrament certificates - ref. QSJ/8

FILE - Bundle 3 - ref. QSJ/8/3 - date: 1673

item: Sacrament Certificates - ref. QSJ/8/3/16 - date: 6 Jul 1673

[from Scope and Content] Preston. Seth Mort of Preston. Witnesses. William Boulton of Ribleton and Christopher Santer of Preston.

FILE - Bundle 11 - ref. QSJ/8/11 - date: 1677

item: Sacrament Certificates - ref. QSJ/8/11/39 - date: 18 Nov 1677

[from Scope and Content] Croston. Thomas Mort of Astley, parish. Leigh, esq., "Recorder of the Towne and Borough of Wiggan." Minister. James Pilkington. Churchwarden. John Smith. Witnesses. William Pilkington of Wiggan, gent. and Joshua Bretherton of Ulnes Walton, yeoman

FILE - Bundle 17 - ref. QSJ/8/17 - date: 1683

item: Sacrament Certificates - ref. QSJ/8/17/75 - date: 30 Dec 1683

[from Scope and Content] Croston. Thomas Mort, Recorder of Wigan. Minister. Charles Layfeild. Churchwarden. Hugh Norres. Witnesses. Joshua Bretherton of Ulnes Walton and Thomas Ambrose of Mawdesley, yeomen.

FILE - Bundle 30 - ref. QSJ/8/30 - date: 1688

item: Sacrament Certificates - ref. QSJ/8/30/15 - date: 30 Dec 1688

[from Scope and Content] Eccleston. Thomas Mort, "Recorder of the Towne and Burrough of Wigan." Ministers. Robert Pickering. Churchwarden. William Wareing. Witnesses. Alexander Mort of Heskin, gent. and Henery Whaley, yeoman.


H Cross and Co, Prescot, solicitors

Cronton - ref. DDCS/10

FILE [no title] - ref. DDCS/10/21 - date: 5 Sep. 1853

[from Scope and Content] Draft Reconveyance for 1156.4.1 (i) Henry Lee of Whiston, Gent. to (ii) Wm. Turner, Liverpool, surgeon, and John Hammill, Dentons Green, agent-trustees of Thos. Birch Speakman, Christopher Mort Robinson of Lytham, Gent. Rev. Chars. Whitley Durham and John Haddock, Windle, coal proprietor, Exors. of Thomas Caldwell, Charles Caldwell, legatee in will of Thomas Caldwell, Wm. Hill Brancher of Billinge, esq. and John Hammill trustees of Jas. Underhill West, Public House "Unicorn" and lands and Beerhouse

Eccleston [inc. 107-121 Eccleston Hill School] - ref. DDCS/12

FILE [no title] - ref. DDCS/12/122 - date: 5 Sep. 1853

[from Scope and Content] Draft Reconveyance for 1156: 4: 1 i) Henry Lee of Whiston, Gent., to ii) Wm. Turner of Liverpool, Surgeon, John Hammill of Denton Green within Windle, Agent, Christopher Mort Robinson of Lytham, Gent. Rev. Chas. Whitley, Durham, John Haddock, Cowley Hill within Windle, Coal proprietor, Charles Caldwell of Whitley, Chester, Coal Proprietor, William Hill Brancher of Billinge, Esq. and the said John Haddock, as trustees and will of Jas. U. West, messuage formerly known as Crouchleys now used as Public House "Angel" with lands (32p) discharge of mortgage debt

Prescot - ref. DDCS/26

FILE [no title] - ref. DDCS/26/115 - date: 5 Sep. 1853

[from Scope and Content] Redemption of mortgage and reconveyance for 841 17s. 3d.: (1) Henry Lee of Whiston, gentleman (2) William Turner of Liverpool, surgeon, John Hammill of Denton Green within Windle, agent (trustees acting under the will of Thomas Birch Speakman of Denton Green, Coal proprietor), Christopher Mort Robinson of Lytham, gentleman, the Reverend Charles Whitly of the City of Durham and John Haddock of Cowley Hill within Windle, coal proprietor (devisees in trust and executors of the will of Thomas Caldwell of Sutton Lodge within Sutton, esquire) Charles Caldwell of Whitly, County of Chester, coal proprietor (residuary devisee and legatee name in the same will) William Hill Brancke of Billinge, esquire and John Haddock (the acting trustees and executor of the will of James Underhill West of Eccleston Place within Eccleston, esquire) - messuage in Prescot known as the Legs of Man and Bull Inn with stables coach houses and yards, a parcel of land formerly part of a close called Fletchers Field, used as a garden with free use of a carriageway to the Prescot-Liverpool turnpike road (21 feet wide) except as reserved to George Case, Esquire, by surrender dated 27 Nov. 1823 - upon the trusts, declared in the wills of Thomas Birch Speakman, Thomas Caldwell and James Underhill West [draft copy]

FILE [no title] - ref. DDCS/26/116 - date: 1853

[from Scope and Content] Surrender for 5/-: (1) William Rowson of Prescot, gentleman (2) William Turner, John Hammill, Christopher Mort Robinson, the Reverend Charles Whitley, John Haddock, William Hill Brancke, with the consent of Henry Lee and Charles Caldwell - property as described in No. 115 above, except messuage and other buildings on the north side of the Legs of Man, the buildings and garden on the west side of the said messuage, and all mines that may be found under the gardens, reserved to George Case, Esquire by his surrender dated 27 November, 1823, also free use of pump and carriage way reserved to the inhabitants of the excepted premises - upon the trusts declared in the wills of Thomas Birch Speakman, Thomas Caldwell, and James Underhill West [draft]

Windle - ref. DDCS/45

FILE [no title] - ref. DDCS/45/29 - date: 10 Mar. 1846

[from Scope and Content] Agreement to lease for 14 years rent 150 or 110 per ft. per acre (i) as parties in 28-1) less William Grundy and John Marsh to (ii) John Speakman, William Turner, Mary Caldwell of Sutton, Widow, Rev. Charles Thomas Whitley of Durham, Christopher Mort Robinson of Wellington, Salop, Gent. and John Haddock of Sutton, Coal Proprietor, mine Rushy Park mine

Court in Session



FILE - Henry Hardware, Mayor, Richard Birkenhead, Recorder - ref. QSF/29 - date: 1575-6

[from Scope and Content] 52. Fragment of an ?examination. Endorsed: Thomas Mort.

FILE - Robert Brerewood and Richard Bavand, Mayors, and Richard Birkenhead, Recorder - ref. QSF/49 - date: 1600-1

[from Scope and Content] 55-56. 9 March 1600/1 Examination of witnesses relating to a watercourse in dispute between Ralphe Tongue and William Hockenhull, the witnesses being Jane, wife of Ralph Mort, sadler, aged 37 years, Ellen Ry [rest of name missing], Ralph Mort, sadler, aged 75 years.

FILE - Edward Dutton, Mayor, Thomas Lawton, Recorder - ref. QSF/53 - date: 1604-5

[from Scope and Content] 71. Constables' Presentments. Ward Alderman: Houghe Glassier, esq. Constables: William Whittill, John Fearnall, John Gesst, John Beatriche. For not keeping the Mayor's assize selling ale and beer: Woode [widow?] Seffton, James Broster, Henrye Philipes, widow (wooddoue) Curton, William Johnsonne, Houmphray Ellies, Antonye Simcok, John Flecher, John Bettriche, Edward Blackon, Widow Powell, Houghe Jounes, John Gesst, Widow Carter. Haunters of alehouses: Gryffie Bourd, Raphe Danould, Thomas Snape, Richard Mort, John Williams, Roger Gesst. Raphe Thourton and John Barowe for [assault] The pavement without the Bares "mightely decayed" [English - Paper] Billa vera


Alison family of Parkhall

UPHOLLAND - ref. DDAL 96 - 114

FILE [no title] - ref. DDAL 100 - date: 22 Oct. 1684

[from Scope and Content] Admission in Halmote Court of Upholland before Robert Roper, steward for William George Richard, Earl of Derby: Lawrence Halliwell of Upholland, gent. and Alice his wife, surrendered -- a messuage of the yearly rent of 9/6, with closes called the Little High Rideing, Hollin Clough, Colt Lees and the Lowe -- to the use of Thomas Mort of Adeley, esq., and Ralph Lane of Charnock Richard, gent. on trust for Robert, son and heir of L.H., and Dorothy his wife, daughter of Alexander Maudsley of Maudsley, esq., subject to annuity of 20 to L.H. Fine 15/3.

FILE [no title] - ref. DDAL 102 - date: 13 Aug. 1703

[from Scope and Content] Assignment: for 5/-: Thomas Mort of Damhouse in Tildesley, esq. to Robert Mawdesley of Heskin, esq. -- a moiety of DDAL 100 -- as conveyed in trust between (i) Lawrence Halliwell of Upholland, gent. and Robert his son and heir (ii) Alexander Mawdesley of Mawdesley, esq. and (iii) T.M., on 2 Dec. 1683, on marriage of R.H. and Dorothy, daughter of A.M. Witn: John Rigbie, Henry Whaley, James Taylor, Peter Finch.

SETTLEMENTS, etc. - ref. DDAL 116 - 126

FILE [no title] - ref. DDAL 117 - date: 22 Dec. 1683

[from Scope and Content] Settlement: for 300: (i) Lawrence Hallywell of Upholland, gent and Robert his son and heir (ii) Alexander Mawdesley of Mawdesley, esq. and (iii) Thomas Mort of Astley, esq., Robert Hallywall of Tunley, in Wrightington, gent., Ralph Lowe of Charnock Richard, gent., and Thomas Wilson of Tunley, gent. -- specified properties in Upholland -- on marriage of R. H. with Dorothy daughter of A.M. Witn: William Mort, Peter Finch.

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