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Kenyon family of Peel Hall, Little Hulton

Kenyon of Peel: correspondence


Addressed to Roger Kenyon II of Peel - ref. DDKE/9/42

FILE [no title] - ref. DDKE/9/42/24 - date: 12 May 1671

[from Scope and Content] Seth Mort, Ashton - asking of the collecting of estreats by order from Mr. Robt. Heywood

Addressed to Roger Kenyon II of Peel - ref. DDKE/9/48

FILE [no title] - ref. DDKE/9/48/1 - date: 13 Jan. 1676/7

[from Scope and Content] Seth Mort - sessions business (torn)

Addressed to Roger Kenyon II of Peel - ref. DDKE/9/60

FILE [no title] - ref. DDKE/9/60/5 - date: 28 May 1686

[from Scope and Content] Jo. Eddowes, Whitchurch - asking Roger Kenyon to compell John Mort to repay 20 belonging to Ellenbrooke chapel

Addressed to Roger Kenyon II of Peel - ref. DDKE/9/61

FILE [no title] - ref. DDKE/9/61/27 - date: 15 May 1688

[from Scope and Content] Roger Kenyon, [Roger II] Peele, to cousin Mort - on behalf of a neighbour Robert Bullough who wishes to satisfy his brother's creditors - Copy

Addressed to Roger Kenyon II of Peel - ref. DDKE/9/67

FILE [no title] - ref. DDKE/9/67/5 - date: 19 Jan. 1693/4

[from Scope and Content] Alice Kenyon [Alice I] - cousin Mort wishes to be left out of the commission of the peace; partly in code

Addressed to Roger Kenyon II of Peel - ref. DDKE/9/68

FILE [no title] - ref. DDKE/9/68/13 - date: 13 Jan. 1694/5

[from Scope and Content] A. Kenyon, [A[lice] I] Manchester - she has been to the christening of Nathen. Mort's child, "all the best sort of people in this towne is in mourning" for the Queen, also "tis said here that the King hath given my Lady Derby all things in the Queen's chamber, surely shee is in great sadnes"

Addressed to Roger Kenyon II of Peel - ref. DDKE/9/70

FILE [no title] - ref. DDKE/9/70/36 - date: 17 Oct. 1697

[from Scope and Content] Wm. Hayhurst, Ancotes - cousin Mort cannot attend the meeting about levying the ley


Egerton family of Brackley, Northamptonshire

Miscellaneous Estate Papers, Deeds and Correspondence

Title deeds and papers of an estate in and near Tyldesley 1300-1, 1520, 1565-1810

FILE [no title] - ref. E(B) 829 - date: 27 June 1727

[from Scope and Content] (1) Adam Mort of Atherton gent

FILE [no title] - ref. E(B) 830 - date: September 1727

[from Scope and Content] Adam Mort of Atherton gent

Worsley and Pemberton Estate Leases and Assignments 1653-1795

Leases (counterparts) by Scroop Earl of Bridgewater

FILE [no title] - ref. E(B) 1006 - date: 25 June 1722

[from Scope and Content] John Mort messuage [no place]

FILE [no title] - ref. E(B) 1007 - date: 25 June 1722

[from Scope and Content] John Mort messuage [no place]

Leases (counterparts) granted by Francis, Duke of Bridgwater, MIDDLE HULTON

FILE [no title] - ref. E(B) 1218 - date: 1758

[from Scope and Content] J. Mort messuage &c. in Middle Hulton

Leases by James, Earl of Barrymore

FILE [no title] - ref. E(B) 1364 - date: 1 August 1753

[from Scope and Content] H. Mort and Tho. Hatton Land in Westhaughton


Hulton family, of Hulton Park, Baronets

HULTON. (mainly Over Hulton) - ref. DDHU 19

FILE - Lease for 3 lives at 40/- rent: for surrender and "good and faithful service" - ref. DDHU 19/30 - date: 1654-1657

[from Scope and Content] William Hilton of Hilton, esq. to John Thomason of Hilton, yeoman -- messuage in Overhulton late in the tenure of Widdowe Gregorie; also 2 closes enclosed from the common or waste of Deaneand late in the tenure of Humphry Gore (2 ac) -- for lives of J.T., John Johnson his son, and John son of Henry Mort of Midlehulton, tanner. Leased 20 Dec. 1652 to J.T. Witn. Roger Rigbie, John Assley, Richard Holdenn, Henry Nowell, Richard Holden.


FILE - Assignment of Trust - ref. DDHU 40/8 - date: 13 Aug. 1649

[from Scope and Content] Alexander Horrocks of Turton, clerk, Peter Walmesley of Rogersted in Heaton, gent. Thomas Leighe of Rumworth, and Henry Mullineux of Westhaughton, yeoman to Robert Browne of Westhaughton, Thomas Willowby of Horwich, Roger Walmesley of Heaton. John Johnson of Halliwell gents, James Grundy of Rumworth, George Seddon of Farnworth, Robert Bolton of Kersley, yeoman, Thomas Mort of Peel, William Rycroft & James Kersley of Westhaughton, gents. -- messuage in Rumworth late in the tenure of James Crompton, decd. -- leasd by Christopher Anderton of Lostock, esq. 20 Dec. 1636 to Adam Hulton of Hulton, esq. in trust for Ralph Heaton of Heton, gent. for the lives of Philadelphia Heaton, Atherton son of R.H. & P.H., and Ellen daughter of Richard Turner of Haigh, yeoman, now wife of A.H. Assigned 26 May, 1678. Trust is for John Tildsley, Vicar of Dean to receive the profits. (Copy)


FILE [no title] - ref. DDHU 41/17 - date: (5 Jun. 1422)

[from Scope and Content] Declarations of the meres between Romeworth and Hylton made by Wylliam of Aynesworth, William the Mort, Richard the Forster, John the Turnor, and Attekyn Robinson. At Denekyrk, Thursday beofre Pentecost, 10 Hen. VI in the presence of John Gerard of Innes, William his son, William of Heton, Hugh of Tyldesley, Roger of Bolton, Henry of Innes, Anyon of Entwyshull, Richard of Balhalgh, Thomas of Chaydeok, Roger of Aynesworth, Thomas of Pyllesworth, priest, Robert Hsyeward, priest.

FILE - Grant - ref. DDHU 41/25 - date: 9 May. 1539

[from Scope and Content] Robert Legh of Westhalghton, gent to John his son "for diver's sums of money paid to me (R. L.) in my necessity" -- properties in Westhalghton and Hyndeley -- Witn. Adam Hulton, Roger Urmstun, Wylliam Lee, Rechart Garnet, Edmunde Newton, Roger Bradshay, Lawrens Bradshay, Thomas Mort. (62)


FILE - Edward Sedgwick, John Mort, James Hood, Peter Collier, John Astley, Robert Marsh, John Withington and Edward Rigby of Atherton to Robert Duckinfield and Robert Booth, esqs. -- - ref. DDHU 48/92 - date: 26 Jan. 1732/3


FILE - Of Alan Hulton of Farneworth, esq. Taken at Bolton-on-the- Moors before Thomas Mort, deputy for Thomas Hesketh, esq. Escheator, on oaths of Roger Pendleburie, Richard Leighe, Richard Leaver, Roger Walmiley, Ralph Greene, Andrew Leaver, John Aynsworth, Lawrence Bradshawe, Richard Woode, William Brooke, William Walmisley, Lambwell Openshawe, John Greenehalghe, Richard Scolcrofte, and Thomas Nealey, gents - ref. DDHU 51/4 - date: 28 Sep. 1592 or 3

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