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Church of England, Weaverham St Mary the Virgin Parish, Cheshire

Weaverham Parish

Church Buildings - ref. P35/1


FILE - Conveyance - ref. P35/1/4 - date: 16 Feb. 1776

[from Scope and Content] Wit: Robert Done, Jonadab Mort

Charities - ref. P35/5

Miscellaneous papers concerning charities

FILE - Copy will of John Baker of Overton, gent - ref. P35/5/15 - date: 4 Sep. 1756

[from Scope and Content] Exors: brother in law John Jeffreys of Northwich, merchant, John Mort of Weaverham, gent.

Schools - ref. P35/6

Free Grammar School

FILE - Conveyance (Lease and Release) - ref. P35/6/10, 11 - date: 25, 26 Mar. 1754

[from Scope and Content] 1 Joseph Sant of Sandiway, yeo., Ann, his wife, Sarah Chatterton of Middlewich, her mother and wid. of Henry Chatterton of Middlewich, sadler, 2 Sir Philip Touchett Chetwode of Oakely, co. Staff., bt., 3 Philip Henry Warburton of Hefferston Grange, esq., Richard Billington of Gorstage, yeo., John Harefinch late of Gorstage, now of Liverpool, gent., William Donbavand late of Sandiway, now of Gorstage, gent., Thomas Done of Dutton, yeo., Thomas Billington of Gorstage, yeo., Rev. Edward Mainwaring of Chester, clerk, prebendary of Chester Cathedral, Vicar of Weaverham, John Mort of Weaverham, yeo. John Done of Dutton, yeo., John Mort jun. of Northwich, chapman, Thomas Lowe of Beach Hill in Weaverham, yeo., 4 George Lowe of Chester, gent., trustee for 3.

FILE - Lease for 21 years - ref. P35/6/14 - date: 30 Sep. 1754

[from Scope and Content] 1 Philip Henry Warburton, Richard Billington, John Harefinch, William Donbavand, Thomas Done, Thomas Billington, Rev. Edward Mainwaring, John Mort sen., John Done, John Mort jun., Thomas Lowe, all as in 2 Joseph Trickett of Gorstage, blacksmith.

FILE - Bargain and Sale - ref. P35/6/17 - date: 18 Sep. 1762

[from Scope and Content] 1 Richard Billington as in P35/6/11 2 Rev. Thomas Hunter of Weaverham, clerk, John Mort of Weaverham, gent., John Done of Sandiway, gent.

FILE - Conveyance (Lease and Release, Release missing) - ref. P35/6/21 - date: 27 Dec. 1773

[from Scope and Content] Wit: John Mort, Thomas Hunter jun

FILE - Lease for 21 years - ref. P35/6/22 - date: 1 Jan. 1774

[from Scope and Content] Wit: W. Turner, Chas. Potts, Thomas Hunter jun., John Mort, George Chessus, William Kinsey

FILE - Conveyance (Lease and Release) - ref. P35/6/29, 30 - date: 1, 2 Jan. 1781

[from Scope and Content] 1 John Mort of Witton, esq., sole surviving trustee for the lands etc. belonging to the Free Grammar School and the Vicar of Weaverham parish and the poor of Weaverham Town and Lordship, 2 Robert Done of Park Place near Liverpool, esq., Thomas Wakefield of Liverpool, merchant, Jonadab Mort of Liverpool, merchant, Thomas Lowe of Beach Hill in Weaverham Lordship, gent., John Bancroft sen. of Shipbrook, yeo., John Bancroft jun. of Rudheath Lordship, yeo.


Imperial Chemical Industries PLC, Brunner, Mond and Company Ltd

[from Scope and Content] DIC/64 Mort, Liddell works, Widnes:- formerly Mort, Liddell & Co works (known as the Viaduct Chemical works) erected 1872. Acquired 1890. Closed 1920.

United Alkali Co Ltd and predecessors, subsidiaries and associated organisations

United Alkali Co Ltd and predecessors - ref. DIC/UA 1-16

Estate Records (Insurance Valuations and Title Deeds).

FILE - Insurance Valuations (buildings, plant and machinery). - ref. DIC/UA 11/1 - date: 1919

[from Scope and Content] /4 Mathieson, Golding-Davis, Mort Liddell, Atlas and Hall & Shaw works, Widnes

Plans and Drawings.

FILE - Rough plan of site of Mort-Liddell and Atlas Works, Widnes, showing proposed site for "Destructor". - ref. DIC/UA 14/7 - date: 1903

FILE - Plans of Greenway, Mort-Liddell and Atlas Works, Widnes, as existing in 1890. - ref. DIC/UA 14/16 - date: Made 1944

Records Emanating From or Specifically Relating to Individual Works of the Company (including Records of Predecessor Firms).

Mort, Liddell works, Widnes.

[from Administrative History] Formerly Mort, Liddell & Co works (known as the Viaduct Chemical works) erected 1872. Acquired 1890. Closed 1920.

FILE - Plan of Mort, Liddell Works, Widnes. - ref. DIC/UA 16/64 - date: N.d. ? 1927

Miscellaneous or records whose provenance is unknown.

Subject files (Dickinson series). - ref. DIC/X 10

FILE - MORT, LIDDELL'S WORKS: particulars of land 1872-91 and report to Thomas Glover on caustic soda 1894. - ref. DIC/X 10/190 - date: 1872-1894


Fletcher family of the Hollins, Haulgh and Little Lever, Lancashire


FILE - Mortgage: to secure 120 and interest: Nathaniel Scholes, formerly of Salford, now of Macclesfield, clerk, to Nathan Mort of Warton Hall, gent. - property as in ZFL/5/1 above - ref. ZFL/5/2 - date: 4 Jun 1701

FILE - Receipt: Nathaniel Scholes to Nathan Mort - for 120 secured by ZFL/5/2 above - ref. ZFL/5/3 - date: 4 Jun 1701

FILE - Assignment of mortgage - ref. ZFL/5/5 - date: 12 Apr 1709

[from Scope and Content] Nathan Mort of Atherton, gent., surviving son of Robert Mort of Warton Hall in Little Hulton, gent., to Mary Mort, daughter of Thomas Mort, late of Warton Hall, eldest brother of Nathan Mort - mortgage described in ZFL/5/2 above

FILE - Deed of obligation: Nathan Mort of Atherton, gent., to Mary Mort, spinster - security for transfer of mortgage (ZFL/5/5 above) - ref. ZFL/5/6 - date: 12 Apr 1709

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