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Church of England, St Luke Parish, Lowton, Greater Manchester



FILE - Bargain and sale from Robert Wright of Bedford, weaver, to John Mort of Bedford, shopkeeper of all his goods and estate for the payment of debts - ref. DP 17/17/19 - date: 1785


Pennington Township

Settlement Certificates 1687 to 1776 - ref. Tr/Pe/C/4/1

FILE - Henry Mort. Wife Elizabeth. Dau Elizabeth. Leg. Sett. Astley to live Pennington. - ref. Tr/Pe/C/4/1/118 - date: Apl 1743


Church of England, Chester St John Parish, Cheshire

Church Buildings - ref. P51/7


FILE - Articles of Agreement - ref. P51/7/180 - date: 1 Nov. 1671

[from Scope and Content] 2 James Mort and Seth Hulton, masons

FILE - Deed to declare uses of a fine - ref. DDX1/23 - date: 17 Oct. 1693

[from Scope and Content] Fine dated at Chester 9 Oct. 1693: Part of property to use of 2, having already been purchased, rest to use of Daniel Thomason and John Bebington to provide for Ann Tilston during her life, then to use of daus. Cicely and Anne, then to Martha Mort, wid., dau. of Anne Bebington.

FILE - Lease for 22 years at peppercorn rent: for 100: Edward Tyldesley of Morleys, esq., to Thomas Stockdell of Choebent, yeoman -- the tithes & tithebarn of Astley -- Witn: Thomas Tyldesley, F. Crosse, Seal. Endorsed: Chargeable with a rent of 5.6.8 payable to Mr. Mort - ref. DDX/17/2 - date: 29 Jul.1671


Timmis and Woodcock, surveyors of Wolverhampton, c1860-c1876

Harris and Edmunds, surveyors of Wolverhampton, c1876-1880

Nock and Chase, surveyors of Wolverhampton, 1880-1890

Nock and Joseland, estate agents and auctioneers of Wolverhampton, 1890-1989

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Client files

Alphabetical series of client files - ref. D-NAJ/C/1

FILE - File MO3 - ref. D-NAJ/C/1/MO3 - date: 1884-1913

[from Scope and Content] E.H.Moffatt: Copthorne Road; 1897. Paul Moore: sale of property at Mount Pleasant, Albrighton; nd [c.1900]. Mrs R.H.Moore: sale and valuation at Tettenhall Wood; 1884. W.A.Moore: sale of shares; 1909. E.Morgan: sale at Gospel End; 1906. Murray Morgan: furniture at 8 Merridale Lane; 1900. R.F.Morson decd: Flemynge House, Codsall; 1898. F.D.Mort: Moss Pit House, Stafford; 1906. Mortiboy & Lees: Codsall boundary dispute; nd [c.1890]. J.Mortimer: property at North Road and Bushbury Lane, Wolverhampton; 1902. J.Mortimer: property at Sandy Lane, Tettenhall; 1903-04. Moss: properties at Dudley Road & Green Lane; 1901-13. Mrs Mossop: sale of property at Blake Hill, Claverley; 1913

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