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Shirley family, of Staunton Harold, Leicestershire, Earls Ferrers

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Northants. - Weedon and other parishes.

FILE [no title] - ref. 26D53/1064 - date: N.d.[12th cent.]

[from Scope and Content] Witnesses: William son of Richard, Henry de Pink' de Mort', Bartholomew de Sulegraue, Roger brother of Henry de Pi'kini, Ralph de Pi'k' father of the said Henry, William de Caineduit, Robert Barefot, William de Plu'to', Osbert son of Richard,... de Insula, William de Wed', Mathew de R..., Alan de Siresha', Humphrey de Faucot' Geoffrey de Nort', Albertus de Witle...,... de Abbetr', Gerard Cosus.


Farmer family of Baswich, Staffordshire

Byrd family of Baswich, Staffordshire

Levett family of Baswich, Staffordshire

Levett of Milford; Family Papers

Levett Leases, Co. Staffs - ref. D543/C/7

FILE [no title] - ref. D543/C/7/2/5/1-6 - date: 1897-1907

[from Scope and Content] Levett/Allsopp, Mort


Eddowes, Simms and Waldron, solicitors, Ashbourne, Derbyshire

Title Deeds


FILE [no title] - ref. D424/M/20 - date: 1648

[from Scope and Content] Harpur/Mort and Kidd.


Manby and Steward, Wolverhampton, solicitors


Fowke Family: Deeds - ref. D660/8


FILE [no title] - ref. D660/8/16 - date: 1740-1840

[from Scope and Content] Bargain and Sale of premises in Market Place, Stafford. [Jervis, Clarke/Nixon], 25 Aug. 1740; feoffment in trust of 3 burgages at the Back Walls near the Mills, Stafford [Clarke/Hall], 18 Nov. 1777; exemplification of Recovery of messuage parish of St. Marys, Stafford. [Dearle/Maddock/Baker], Trin. 24 & 25 Geo. II [1751]; deed of further charge on messuage in Stafford Market Place. [Hammersley/Ward], 2 Nov. 1816; settlement of sum of 195 and of messuages in the Broad Eye, Stafford. [Ray/Corker et al/Nickson & Hammersleys/Mort]: four related papers [1844], 20 June 1830; order to perform covenant re premises in parish of St. Mary's, Stafford. [Barnett & Smith/Seckerson], 10 Apr. 1832; counterpart Lease of parcels of land in Forebridge, Stafford and a parcel between the Rivers Sow and Penk and the Staffordshire and forcestershire Canal with liberty to convey coals and other goods on the Rivers Sow and Penk. [Jerningham/Fereday et al] [colliery owners], 1 Apr. 1814; lease for 21 years of the Rose and Crown Public House in the Pig-market in Stafford. [Ford/Pugh], 27 July 1833; lease for 14 years of the Rose and Crown Public House. [Ford/Bishop & Salisbury], 28 Sept. 1840


Church of England, Willoughby Parish, Warwickshire

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Title Deeds

FILE [no title] - ref. N3/579 - date: No Date [? late 13 c]

[from Scope and Content] Gift, with warranty, for 4s. and 1 bus. of wheat, by Matilda daughter of Robert de Lemintun, to Adam de Mort' for his homage and service, of ac. of land in the fields ("in teritorio") of Turlaust', below the croft ("sub crotto") of William Curbrond, lying between the land of the monks and the land of Robert Lemey. To be held of the donor at the yearly rent of d. at the feast of All Saints.


National Coal Board, 1946-1986


Correspondence and Papers - ref. NCBw/19

FILE - Correspondence and plans, including half-yearly statements of coal got and rents due, and valuation of mines, relating to the lease of mines under Platt Fold Estate from Mort's Charity Trustees to the Bridgewater and Ellesmere Trustees - ref. NCBw/19/17 - date: 1894-1920


Whitby, R, Mr, of Swinton, Manchester

FILE - Salford Secondary School for Boys. Headmaster - Mr. Parker. PT Instructor (right) - brother-in-law of Norman Birkett - barrister. From left to right, top row to bottom are - 1) Topping, Mort, Milk, Whitby, Supree, ?, Umberse, Stone, Stott. 2) Turner, Vesty, Warburton, Simister, Ringwood, Row, Nichols, Pearce, Roland, Wild. 3) Pogeralski, Scattergood, Simpson, Shaw, Skelton, Schofield, Pickering. - ref. 41/6 - date: No Date


Leighton family of Sweeney, Oswestry, Shropshire


Coal at Maes-y-Llwyn

FILE [no title] - ref. 2868/177 - date: 27 July 1752

[from Scope and Content] Articles of agreement between Thomas Brown of Sweney gentleman and Thomas Brookes of Weston coalminer Brown has good cause to believe that he has coal under two inclosures of land called the Mace a Lluyns in Sweney and has consented that Brookes shall work it until Brown's share amounts to 200. Royalty 7s for every 5th dozen of coal got, every dozen to contain 24 piches, such piches as are now used on Master Mort's ground of coalwork Brown is to settle every mongh for the amount of coal raised and pay the royalty quarterly. He shall fix and place a Reever of his own at his own cost to inspect and take an account of the coal got and pay him reasonable wages. The tenant not to cut any timber trees or quick, and not injure Brown's cattle. He shall not neglect or assign the coalworks unless in the view of competent judges the work cannot bear its own cost and charge. Brooks is to fence roads used in going over the inclosures. He may erect jinn houses and stables for his horses on the inclosures and stack hay and fodder for them

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