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The Manor Houses of the wealthy Mort family of Lancashire


It is so far unknown where the Mort’s of Astley, Little Hulton and Farnworth made their fortunes. There were several prosperous Mort’s in this part of Lancashire who would have considered themselves as the ‘landed gentry’. Born into money, many of them were well educated professional people, who became richer by shrewd investments, well placed marriages and timely inheritance. Money makes money!

However, every family dynasty has its poorer cousins and the Mort’s were no exception. Scroll down the family tree and note the occupations of many Mort’s in the area between Salford and Bolton. You would see scores of less affluent families with manual jobs, strenuous lives and children who died young.

I wanted to gain an impression of how our ancestors lived. Looking at the houses they lived in, is the nearest we have to a ‘time capsule’. Being local to the area, I set off with my digital camera in the hope that I could share former Mort dwelling places with the World Wide Web. I know that many of you no longer live in this ‘neck of the wood’ or have long since left these English shores.

The intention was not to ignore the homes of the poorer Mort families as though they held no interest. All houses tell a story. However, trying to find a ‘two up two down’ terrace or a humble labourer’s cottage built pre 1802, was nigh on an impossible. There was a spate of building activity in the late 19th century, and sadly many of our ancestors homes simply no longer exist. This re-generation programme continues even now. The sad fortune of many rich and poor homes alike - is that the imprints of their foundations have long since been covered by sprawling housing estates and supermarket car parks.

Wharton Hall

The legacy that the Manor Halls left behind was that people cared enough for these grand places to include them in portraits and photographs. Alas, who was going to care about preserving the image of some modest lowly abode? As I said before, ‘all houses tell a story’!

I hope you enjoy reading about these beautiful old buildings and the Mort’s former occupation of these magnificent dwelling places. If any of you have other historical facts or images you are able to share with us, please feel free to contribute. This also includes past home of the less ‘well heeled’ Mort families. A glimpse into their daily lives is every bit as important and interesting.

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