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It just gets better!


MortFamily.net is technically a ‘one name study’ website which has been created, maintained and supported by a small group of volunteers who have a genuine interest in ‘family tree research’. Our primary interest is around the Mort family surname, but our attention has not been given exclusively to the Morts. We are equally as keen to build up information and background stories about all the many other associated family surnames.

We also state that our research has been for the most part centred around the Lancashire area. Whilst this is true, where our ancestors started isn’t always where they finished. So we do welcome members from all over the UK and in fact from around the globe.


Many of them are the first to admit that they could not have progressed with their family tree studies without the help and advice of other interested parties. Mostly these may be people they have met via the Internet, email and chance membership of the same web site. Not all of the volunteers are even genetically related to the Mort family. Some people contribute information because they enjoy this as a hobby and they like to share what they have or what they know or what they can do well. Without volunteers giving freely of their own personal time and costs, free web sites like this would simply not exist.

It is at this point that we must say a big ‘thank you’ to one of our volunteers (Gillian Spooner) who has just added a huge GEDCOM file to our master database. Prior to this the master Mort database was good - very good. In itself it represented years of toil from other charitable researchers. However now, good has just got better - so much better.


Our modern day lives are surrounded by databases - big tables of information about all of us are being held on secure servers everywhere from Banks to Hospitals and if you are not so lucky - Police files. If anyone of these institutions should improve the quality or increase the size of their database, it remains hidden to the public eye.

It is something you don’t always notice, but can feel the effect of in a subtle way. For instance, when your clinic appointments now start arriving at your new address and not your old address, it was a database change that made that process work.


The same applies to the Mort Family database.

Gill has been working hard over x amount of time, inputting data into the Mort family tree. This has not been just a ‘volumes game’ as in ‘the more records the better’. In the nature of true genealogy, Gill is a stickler for accuracy and evidence. So now, the Mort family database not only got bigger, but the quality of information got better.

As such, we are grateful for the receipt of Gills GEDCOM file.


This stands for GEnealogical Data COMmunication:-
which is basically a format file that can be exported and shared with other genealogy researchers.

We hope that you will now notice that the genealogy page of the website now contains many more family surnames and also goes much further back in time. If you want to add your own family tree, simply join as a member and email Martin. He can make it happen for you. The more ancestral data you can share with us, the more the database will become enriched.

A few of us may even discover some long lost cousins who we would have never known about other than through the hard work and patronage of our volunteers. Happy searching!

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