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New Book - The Lines of Tamar

Dear All

Welcome to www.mortfamily.net

I am Leigh born and bred and bred and also an author about to release my first book "The Lines of Tamar".

This novel touches on genealogy and especially the Mort family of Leigh and Astley. Even Leigh Town Hall gets a mention as does Daisy Hill. For some odd reason it would really help me if I got 100 "Likes" on Facebook. I have yet to fully understand social networking but my 14 year old daughter tells me that this is what I should do.

If you could help a Leigh author (and Mort descendent) get going - this would be very appreciated. Here is the link and please do tell any Mr or Mrs Mort's you know to read this book once its released.

Many Thanks - hoping to put Leigh and the Mort surname on the map....

The Lines of Tamar on Facebook

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