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James Mort of Hindley, Wigan Retailer of Beer 1853, Mar 12

The last will and testament of me James Mort of Hindley, retailer of beer. I give to my wife Jane Mort of Westhoughton who has for many years lived separate from me the sum of five shillings sterling. And I do declare she shall not be entitled to Dower, thirds or free Rent out of the property herein after by me given and disposed of. I give and bequeath unto Mary Lowe of Hindley, a daughter of Thomas Cartwright of Latchford in the county of Chester, farmer and the widow of Henry Lowe of Hindley, Clogger. Absolutely subject nevertheless as hereafter mentioned all my household goods, furniture, plate, linen, china and wearing apparell and all other goods in or about my dwellinghouse in Close Lane, Hindley also to my furnished house, which I sublet at number twentynine Back George St in Manchester and also all other personel estate to Mary Lowe for the term of her natural life, shall be conditional on her remaining in her present state of widowhood and not marrying again. Note added: seventh day of March, 1853 executor sworn in common form.

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