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Thomas Mort of Farnworth (Deane) Farmer 1823 Jun 6

This is the last will and testament of me Thomas Mort of Farnworth, Farmer. I give unto my nephew Thomas Hindley the Bedstocks, bed whereon I now sleep and unto my nephew JOSEPH Hindley my writing desk. I give all my wearing apparel unto and equally between my nephews John Lord and Thomas Lord (sons of my sister Betty Lord deceased) Thomas Watson and Joseph Watson (sons of my sister Alice Watson) and Mathew Boardman (son of my sister Mary Boardman). To the Treasurer for the time being of the Farnworth and Kearsley Sunday School the sum of five pounds to be applied to the purposes of the said school. I give my Farm House Cottage and land and appertenances situate at Highfield Lane End which is held by me under a lease from the Earl of Bradford, subject to a rent of four pounds during the life of Peter Rasbottom now aged sixty six years, unto my sister Elizabeth Hindley the wife of Peter Hindley of Farnworth, weaver for all my estate and interest. To my sister Mary Boardman wife of Peter Boardman of Little Hilton. In trust for all the children of my deceased sister Betty Lord, excepting her son James Lord for whom I do not make any provision under this will. I do hereby appoint Roger Holland, Robert Lord and Thomas Hindley executors, set my hand and seal Mar 18, 1823 and signed by Thomas Mort

Notes added to the will state Jun 6, 1823 Robert Lord of Farnworth, Manufacturer and Thomas Hindley of the same place Fustian Cutter, two of the executors were sworn in common form under the value of 300

Testaor died Apr 20, 1823

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