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Catherine Mort of Peel 1735

"In the name of God Amen I Catherine Mort of Peele otherwise Wicheeves within Little Hulton, widow do make this my last will and testement. I commend my soul to Almighty God and my will is that my body be decently interred at the Parish Church of Manchester in the ancient burying place of Sir Oswald Mosley at the discretion of my executors. I give and devise all that capital messuage or dwelling house commonly called Peele Hall otherwise Whicheves where I now live and the demesn and demesn lands and other lands therto belonging. And also all other messuages lands tenements coal mines and heridments whatesoever with all appurtenances situate lying and being in Little Hulton aforesaid Tildesley with Shakerly and Worsley or elsewhere in the said county whereof or wherein I have any estate of Inheritance together with any seats in the Gallery of the Parish Church of Dean unto Joseph Yates of Manchester Esq and the Reverand James Rothwell clerk Vicar of Deane to permit and suffer my nephew John Fletcher of the city of Dublin in the Kingdom of Ireland Esq and his assigns to have hold use occupy possess and enjoy the said capital messuage or dwelling house and the Demesn and Demesn lands thereto belonging, and also all other messuages, lands, tenements and Hereditments seats in the said church wherein I have my estate of inheritance in possession ( The Coal Mines within the said premises only excepted) during the term of his natural life. The said John Fletcher and his assigns from time to time and at all times during the said term maintaining upholding and keeping all the edifices houses Buildings Gates stiles Fences and premises in good and substantial repair. And I do hereby reserve unto my executors and trustees herein named during the continuence of the estate and interest hereby devised to the said John Fletcher all the Coal Mines in the premises and all manner of priviledges and Roads convenient for sinking pits, getting banking laying selling and carrying away the same to the uses herein expressed without allowing any damages. Nevertheless the said John Fletcher and his assigns shall have and hold the premises during his life upon the express condition do and shall dwell and chiefly reside at Peele Hall during his life. But if the said John Fletcher shall not think fit to come and dwell at Peele Hall for himself and his family then the Gift of the said Capital Messuage and premises herein before mentioned shall cease and be utterley void. But in case of his refusal to live there then immediately after my death upon trust that all the said Capital Messuage and lands Coal Mines seats in the said church shall remain and be to and for the use and behalf of the said Joseph Yates and upon his death for the use of Joseph Yates son of the said Joseph Yates and heirs of his body lawfully begotten And for default of such issue to and for the use and behalf of Edward Mossley son of Sir Edward Mosley of Ancoats. I give unto Catherine daughter of my nephew Nicholas Mosley of Manchester, Woollen Draper deceased the sum of three hundred pounds, and all the other children of the said Nicholas Mosley the sum of three hundred pounds to be equally divided amongst them, share and share alike. Also I give unto the said Sir Oswald Mosley the sum of one hundred pounds and all the money due or payable unto me by virtue of three bonds bearing date on or about the 20th Jan 1671 of which bonds was given by my brother Oswald Mosley Esq to John Lever Esq, another was given to my sister Ann Mosley, spinster and a third to my sister Elizabeth Mosley, spinster. Also I give unto Ann daughter of my nephew Nicholas Mosley late of London deceased the sum of one hundred pounds. Also I give unto Thomas Sutton of Damhouse Esq the sum of three hundred pounds provided he do seal and execute a good and sufficient release of all estate right tithe interest and claim shall have or pretend to haveout of the said messuage, lands now belonging to me, set my hand and seal the first day of November 1734"

Note added states that Joseph Yates and James Rothwell sworn in common form May 2, 1735

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