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Richard Mort, Yeoman of Sheen, Staffordshire 1607, Feb 23

In the Name of God Amen the twentieth day of July one thousand five hundred ninety severn in the nine and thirtieth year of the Reign of Soveraign lady Elizabeth by the Grace of God of England, France and Ireland Queen defender of the Faith I Richard Mort the elder of the parish of Sheene in the county of Stafford yeoman being in good health and perfect remembrance thanks be to Almighty God for the same do ordaine and make this my last will and testament in manner and form following. First I bequeath my soul unto Almighty God, the Creator and redeemer of the same, and my body to the earth to be buried in the parish Church of Sheene aforesaid there to remain unto the general day of Judgement, and then most steadfastly believe by and through the merrits of our Saviour to be raised up again with my body and soul unto life everlasting. Item my will is that my body be honestly and decently brought to the Church and there buried for near as may be to the place where my father was buried and the charge of my funeral and all my debts first paid. I will and give to my most loved wife the third part of all my goods. Out of the rest of the other two parts remaineth my will is I give to my two sons Ralph Mort Clerk and Anthony Mort five pounds a piece of good and lawful money of England. Richard Mort my eldest son is indeted to them. Unto Grace my daughter. To my other two sons Henry and Gervase equally to be divided between them and keeping of my said son Henry during his life forty shillings yearly. Thomas Mort my brother and William Wheeldon? According to the effect of our obligation bearing date the twentieth day of January about written made and executed by Richrd Mort my eldest son to the same extent and purpose. All such interest term and time in all my messuages, lands, tenements and heriditaments in the parish of Sheene. I give and bequeath unto James Mort son unto Gervase my said son.

Thomas Mort, Merchant of Sale Hall, Cheshire Mar 15, 1813

I Thomas Mort of Sale Hall, Cheshire and of King St, Manchester, Merchant being of sound and disposing mind do make this my last will and testament in manner following. Firstly I bequeath my soul to God. Secondly I give and bequeath to John Close Esquire Roger Buffar Esquire and assign over to them all my silver plate, glass, furniture, horses and carriage in trust for the following uses and purposes. To be sold by auction, any part that my dear wife may wish to possess, the money to be.. on my dear wife during her life and said manner to Jno Close Esquire Roger Buffar and the Revd John Turner of Sale Hall in trust to be disposed of in the best manner and the money invested I also give and bequeath all my property of any discription to my dear wife Sarah Wigg Mort. As witness my hand this twenty second day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eleven Thos Mort witness Duncan Menzies Jno Barnes Wm Bouterger. On the 15th day of March 1813 assigns with the will, goods and chattels of Thomas Mort late of Sale Hall in the County of Chester and of King St Manchester deceased was granted to John Close in trust first sworn by common form and Sarah Wigg Mort widow and relict.

Edward Mort Grocer of Saint Botolph without Bishopsgate City of London Oct 19, 1685

I Edward Mort Citizen and Grocer of the parish of St Buttolph without Bishopsgate London being of sound and perfect memory yet not knowing how long my pilgramage may continue here on earth do therefore appoint this my last will and testament in manner and form following. First as to my personnall effects my debts being first paid out halfe I give unto my loving wife Catherine and the other halfe I give to my two children Richard and Anne equally to be divided betwixt them. Also that legacie my mother left out of the Lady Meddow now in the possession of Thomas Mourcroft I give our halfe to my wife and daughter the other halfe to my son Richard as to that which my father purchased in trust for the children of Thomas Southworth of Samsbury in the County of Lancaster being part of Mellor the writings of which I left at my brother Henry Marsden Esqs chamber in Grays Inn about thirty years since when I came to ask for them but told me they were at his house at Gisburne Hall in Yorkshire and promised several times to send them but failed which otherwise might have been borrowed long since I shall leave the disposing of it to the discretion of my Executors hereafter named. And as for all such effects might be the interest claim or demand which I ever had now have or that my heirs or assigns ought to have for in and to all that Capital Messuage called Ordeford now Tildesly Hall with all Lands Rents Tenements and Hereditaments belonging and in all or any messuage lands tenemts or hereditaments called Lazz-hagg? With the rents thereto belonging or of in or to any other messuage lands rents tenements or hereditaments situate lying and being in the county of Lancaster at any time heretofore in the tenure holding possession or on of Sir Thomas Tildesley my deceased Grandfather and in the right of Anne Tildesley his Lady and my deceased Grandmother. My will and mind is that my wife have her thirds out of it and my two children Richard and Anne and equall proportion of the other two parts but to Anne during her life only. Lastly I do hereby make bould to constitute ordain and appoint my trusty and well beloved friends John Smith Esq at the hand in hand in Cheapside and ? Thomas Sixman Mercer at the three kings in three kings court in Innbardsfort? and ? Henry Lodworth? in Loggden Court? and Major Robert Doughty and my wife Catherine my only Executors to oath of whom I give fifty pounds out of my personnall estate to be paid within two years after the recovery thereof the ? of the suite being deducted. In witness thereof I have hereunto set my hands and seal the twenty second of April one thousand six hundred eighty five in the first year of the rayne of our most Sovereigne Lord James the Second. E Mort sealed signed and delivered in the presence of Will Jackson John Ward Anne Moody

Richard Mort of Christ Church City of London Jul 26, 1659

Memorandum That on or about the eleventh day od December in the year of our Lord God one thousand six hundred and fifty six Richard Mort late whilst he lived of the Parish of Christ Church London but being bound out to sea in the good Ship the Virgin for the East Indies being in very good and perfect health That the boy ago would be long and he thereof made and declare his last will and testament by word of mouth in manner and form following or in provide to the like effect vizt. Landlord and Landlady meaning Robert Aprefrott? And Ellen Aprefrott? his wife I am now going to Sea and know not whether it pleaseth God that I shall ever return into England again and therefore I define you to take notice of what I declare unto you. That is to say all my estate goods chattells rights and credits of what nature or quality so be they be. I do give devise and bequeath unto my dear and welbeloved brother Edward Mort whom I do constitute ordain and appoint the sole Executor of this my last will and Testament all where words or ye like in effect he declared whilst he was in perfect health and of very sound and perfect mind and memorie with a serious intent to dispose of his estate and that these vowd words should remaine and be as and for his last will and Testament. In the hearing of me witnessed Co witt The mark of Robert Aprefrott the mark of Ellen Aprefrott.

This will Nuncupative was proved at London the six and twentieth day of July in the year of our Lord God one thousand six hundred and fifty nine before the Judges for probate of will and granting Administrations by the oath and in the name of Edward Mort the brother and sole Executor named in the said will to who was comitted Administration

Sarah Wigge Mort 1845

With the Assistance of the body to thee O Merciful father faith and trust in the hope of pardon for all unsaid Jesus Christ Amen. I Sarah Wigge Mort of the county of Worcester widow being in sound health of body of sound and disposing mind and memory do make and this to be my last will and testament in manner following that is to say I order all my just debts funeral expenses and the charge of proving this my last will to be in the first place paid and after payment thereof I give and bequeath to my faithful servant Harriet Pinfield Spinster the sum of three hundred pounds which I order my executors to lay out immediately after my decease and purchase a life annuity or continual security for the sole use benefit of the said Harriet Pinfield I give and bequeath the sum of thirty pounds to this my parish to be divided between the poorest and most deserving of the said parish according to the decision of the minister of the said parish I give and bequeath to my niece Ellen Attenborough my rosewood tea chest and my books I leave and bequeath to my dear niece Fanny my silver tea pot and all my best household linen. To my dear niece Kate I give and bequeath my India Cabinet my Ottaboy worked by my dear dowager Lady Sytterlon? I give and bequeath to my nephew David Melville the chair worked for me by my sister Anne Barrett I appoint as my Executors the Reverend Reginald Turner of Caterrhill Rectory in the County of Worcester and my nephew the Reverend Javis Moliner? Of Sholory? Rectory in the county of Worcester to whom I bequeath all the residue of my personal estate in trust I direct them to stand possessed thereof as follows as to one thousand poundspart thereof in trust for my dear brother the Reverend John Turner of Hagley? Rectory in the county of Worcester and after his decease to be divided between his surving children as to six hundred pounds other part thereof in trust to pay the interest to my dear sister Caroline Crowage? for her life for her separate use or her husband and after her decease the six hundred pounds to be equally divided between my nieces Ellen Attenborough Fanny Weigh? and Caroline Hervill? , as to hundred pounds other part of my personal estate I direct my executors to pay the interest thereof to my dear sister Anne Barett widow for her life and after her decease to call in and divide it equally between my nephews the Reverend David Melville Beresford Melville and John Melville as to seven hundred pounds other part of my personal estate I give and bequeath to my dear sister Elizabeth Melville the interest for her life for her separate use in of her husband and after her decease the said sum of seven hundred pounds to be equally divided between her children Annie Sarah Caroline Melville and Susy Melville as to five hundred pounds the other part of my personal estate I direct my Executors to pay the interest to my sister in law Marianne Turner widow for her life and after her decease the principal to be divided between my nephew the Reverend Chubb? Beresford Turner and my niece Kate Dorwell? And to hereas or purchased the house and furniture where I do reside at Hagley?. I devise the same property of house and furniture to my two sisters Anne Barrett and Elizabeth Melville as tenants in and to their respective heirs for ever and as to and remaing all the rest residue and remainder of my personal property subject as aforesaid in trust for my dear nephews The Reverend Reginald Turner and the Reverend David Melville my executors for ever and I do hereby declare it to be my will and deed that the receipts of my Executors shall be anserable only for his own respective acts and deeds which may arise in the personal value of my property. In witness thereof I set my hand this fifth day of December one thousand eight hundred and forty five Sarah Wigge Mort

Proved at London 10 Aug 1846 before the Judge by the oaths of the Reverend Reginald Turner and the Reverend David Melville elect the nephews the Executors was granted having been first sworn to administer

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