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Robert Mort of Atherton, farmer 1847 Mar 11

Last will and testament of me Robert Mort of Atherton, farmer, I give, devise, and bequeath all my property and estate whatsoever namely all >my share or portion of the farming stock, impliments of Husbandry, household furniture and monies to be converted into money. I give and bequeath unto Peter Calland the sum of five pounds for his own use, and the remainder of my estate equally amongst my brother James Mort, my sister Elizabeth Rawlinson and my sister Mary Marlow sahre and share alike. I appoint Robert Bradshaw Shopkeeper and Abraham Tildesley farmer both of Atherton, Executors. Dated Dec 24, 1846 Sworn at Leigh 26 day of Feb 1847

James Mort of Hindley, Wigan Retailer of Beer 1853, Mar 12

The last will and testament of me James Mort of Hindley, retailer of beer. I give to my wife Jane Mort of Westhoughton who has for many years lived separate from me the sum of five shillings sterling. And I do declare she shall not be entitled to Dower, thirds or free Rent out of the property herein after by me given and disposed of. I give and bequeath unto Mary Lowe of Hindley, a daughter of Thomas Cartwright of Latchford in the county of Chester, farmer and the widow of Henry Lowe of Hindley, Clogger. Absolutely subject nevertheless as hereafter mentioned all my household goods, furniture, plate, linen, china and wearing apparell and all other goods in or about my dwellinghouse in Close Lane, Hindley also to my furnished house, which I sublet at number twentynine Back George St in Manchester and also all other personel estate to Mary Lowe for the term of her natural life, shall be conditional on her remaining in her present state of widowhood and not marrying again. Note added: seventh day of March, 1853 executor sworn in common form.

Thomas Mort of Bedford, Leigh, Shopkeeper 1854 Jan 18

(4 sheets listing property division mainly) The sum of eighty pounds to my daughter Maria Battersby Hodson, and the sum of fifty pounds to my son Ralph Mort I do hereby forgive my son in law Thomas Hodson the sum of of two hundred pounds which he now owes me To my wife Ann Mort during her natural life the use of all my household goods, pictures and books, also all my stock in trade After her decease I direct the same to be sold and proceeds equally divided between my children Ralph Mort, Maria Battersby Hodson and Margaret Mort. My property in Chapel Lane in Bedford now in several occupations of myself, Miles Burnett and Thomas Hodson, and all my five leasehold cottages being in Chapel Lane to my Daughter Margaret Mort or any husband with whom she may hereafter intermarry.

Dated Sep 23, 1853 Proved Jan 18, 1854

James Mort, 1855 Jun 11

This is the last will and testament of me James Mort of Tyldesley with Shakerley, Gentleman. I give and bequeath unto my daughter Margaret Mort of Tyldesley with Shakerley, Spinster, all my household goods and furniture, plate, linen, china, glass, pictures, books, wines and liquors absolutely. I also give and bequeath to my son William Mort of Southport, Doctor of Medicine all my clothes and wearing apparel. And to all my three shops and dwelling houses belonging and situate in Castle St, Tyldesley, and all that chief or ground rent of four pounds three shillings yearly issuing out of land in or near to Shuttle St in Tyldesley, and by my late son Henry Mort leased to Joseph Harwood and also all that capital messuage or dwelling situate near to Wareing St in Tyldesley and commonly called Prospect House formerly occupied by my late son Henry Mort. And also all that messuage situate in Elliot St in Tyldesley and now in my own occupation. (Long Will listing all his properties and shops) I give and bequeath one moity of equal half share unto my son the said William Mort, and the same to my daughter Margaret Mort. Set my hand and seal this first day of February eighteen hundred and fifty five, signed by James Mort

Notes added to the Will, probate issued June 11, 1855. Testator died March 2, 1855

Samuel Mort of Pennington, Leigh, widower, farmer 1856 Feb 23

This is the last will and testament of me, Samuel Mort of the township of >Pennington in the parish of Leigh, widowerer. I order and direct that as soon after my decease as is convenient my executors hereinafter named, shall sell by public auction all my household furniture, silver plate and effects, together with all my farming stock and produce of whatever name or description, and also the two several yearly ground or Chief Rents arising from land built upon in or near to Wigan Field in Pennington amounting to the sum of five pounds sixteen shillings and ten pence half penny and one pound eighteen shillings and three half pence respectively. And that they my executors shall collect and get in as far as is practicable, all money and moneys owing or due to me at the time of my decease from any person or persons or deposited in any savings or other bank, and the moneys arising from such sale or sales together with the moneys so collected and got in or any money which may be in my possession at the time of my decease, after paying and deducting all reasonable charges and expenses incurred. I give and bequeath in the following manner. One sixth part or share thereof I give and bequeath unto my son James Mort. One sixth part or share thereof unto my daughter Martha Short, wife of John Short. One sixth part or share thereof unto my daughter Mary Hurst, wife of James Hurst. One sixth part or share thereof unto the three children of my late son Richard Mort deceased to be equally divided amongst them share and share alike. One sixth part or share unto the children of my late son John Mort, deceased to be equally divided amongst them share and share alike, and the remaining one sixth part or share I give and bequeath unto my executors in trust to be placed out at interest upon good and valid security or in some trust bank, and pay the yearly interest thereof unto my son Samuel Mort weekly or otherwise as they shall deem most proper during the term of his natural life, and at his decease to call in the said trust money and divide the same equally amongst his lawful children, but if he die without lawful issue surviving him then in such case I order and direct that such trust money shall be divided and distributed in the same manner as my other property, provided that if my son William Mort be then living he shall have an equal part or share in the same along with my other sons or daughters, or if he be dead and left lawful issue such issue shall take the part or share so intended for him equally amongst them or the surviving thereof. I also give and bequeath unto my executors the yearly ground or chief rent of five pounds four shillings and four pence, belonging to me arising and accruing from land situate in Wigan Field in the said township of Pennington upon which the Primitive Methodist Chapel now stand. In trust to pay the said yearly rent unto my son William Mort, weekly or otherwise as they may deem most prudent, during the term of his natural life, and at his decease to sell the same either by private contract or public auction, and to be divided amongst his lawful children, if any. And I do hereby nominate and appoint my said son James Mort and my two sons in law, John Short and James Hurst to be the executors of this my last Will and Testament, I set my hand this twentyeighth day of February, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty one. He made his mark with an X

Notes attached to the will state: On the twentieth day of February, eighteen hundred and fiftysix, James Mort John Short and James Hurst, the executors, were sworn in common form, and they further made oath that the personal estate and effects of the testator within the diocese of Chester were under the value of 500, before me Alfred Hewlett, Surrogate. The testator was a farmer and died twenty first September eighteen hundred and fifty five. Probate issued 23 Feb 1856

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