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James Mort of Great Bolton, Gentleman 1819 Nov 1

I James Mort of Great Bolton in the county of Lancaster, gentleman do for the settling of my wordly concerns make publish and declare this to be my last will and testament in manner following. I give and bequeath unto my daughter Ann Cheetham who now lives with me the sum of five pounds for her care and attention to me, and taking care of my house, and the same to be for her own use and benefit. Also I give and devise all and every my messuages, cottages and dwelling houses, lands, tenements and hereditment, household goods and furniture whatesoever and wheresover to me belonging unto my son John Mort of Great Bolton aforesaid manufacturer, my grandson James Mort of Tyldesley in the said county Shopkeeper and John Albinson of Great Bolton, aforesaid Land Surveyor their heirs, executors and Administrations and assigns for and during all my estates, sell and dispose of all my said houses, lands of Inheritance and the moneys arising to be paid and divided into seven equal parts. One seventh share to be paid unto my son Richard Mort, one seventh part to my daughter Betty Crook, the wife of Mordaci Crook, one seventh part to my said son John Mort, one seventh part to my son James Mort, one seventh part to my daughter Mary Platt the wife of James Platt, one seventh part to my said daughter Ann Cheetham, one seventh part to my daughter Martha Webster the wife of Edward Webster. And I nominate and appoint the said John Mort, James Mort and John Albinson to be Executors and Trustees of this my last will and testament set my hand and seal 18 June 1816 . He made his mark.

Notes added state that the testator died 16 Oct 1819. 1 Nov executors sworn in common form personal estate and effects under 450.

Mary Mort of Middle Hulton, Dean, Widow 1822 Oct 15

In the name of God Amen I Mary Mort, widdow of Middle Hulton in the parish of Dean do declare this to be my last will and testament in manner and form following. First I order and direct that all my just debts and funeral expenses together with the charge of the probate of this my last will and testament to be paid out of my personal estate. Then I give devise and bequeath unto my executors all my goods and furniture together with all money which is in various hands in trust to divide amongst my four daughters and my grandaughter Amealia Mort. To my daughter Alice one fifth part, to my daughter Mary one fifth part, to my daughter Ann one fifth part, to my daughter Betty one fifth part, to my grandaughter Amealia Mort one fifth part but if my grandaughter should happen to die before she arrives at the age of twenty one then I give devise and bequeath her share or part unto my four daughters. Lastly I nominate and appoint my exec Wm Speakman of Tildesley my daughters Alice Hilton, Betty Higson to be my executors, dated this twenty second day of June 1822. She made her mark.

Note added to the will states Oct 15, 1822 William Speakman, Alice Hilton and Betty Higson Exec's in this last will and testament sworn in common form, under the value of 100

Testator died Sep 26, 1822

Probate issued Oct 15, 1822

Thomas Mort of Farnworth (Deane) Farmer 1823 Jun 6

This is the last will and testament of me Thomas Mort of Farnworth, Farmer. I give unto my nephew Thomas Hindley the Bedstocks, bed whereon I now sleep and unto my nephew JOSEPH Hindley my writing desk. I give all my wearing apparel unto and equally between my nephews John Lord and Thomas Lord (sons of my sister Betty Lord deceased) Thomas Watson and Joseph Watson (sons of my sister Alice Watson) and Mathew Boardman (son of my sister Mary Boardman). To the Treasurer for the time being of the Farnworth and Kearsley Sunday School the sum of five pounds to be applied to the purposes of the said school. I give my Farm House Cottage and land and appertenances situate at Highfield Lane End which is held by me under a lease from the Earl of Bradford, subject to a rent of four pounds during the life of Peter Rasbottom now aged sixty six years, unto my sister Elizabeth Hindley the wife of Peter Hindley of Farnworth, weaver for all my estate and interest. To my sister Mary Boardman wife of Peter Boardman of Little Hilton. In trust for all the children of my deceased sister Betty Lord, excepting her son James Lord for whom I do not make any provision under this will. I do hereby appoint Roger Holland, Robert Lord and Thomas Hindley executors, set my hand and seal Mar 18, 1823 and signed by Thomas Mort

Notes added to the will state Jun 6, 1823 Robert Lord of Farnworth, Manufacturer and Thomas Hindley of the same place Fustian Cutter, two of the executors were sworn in common form under the value of 300

Testaor died Apr 20, 1823

John William Mort of Liverpool, Master Mariner 1831 Jun 7

This is the last will and testament of me John Williams Mort of Liverpool, master mariner. First I direct payment of all my just debts funeral expenses and the charges of proving this my will. I do give and bequeath all my real and personal estates and effects whatsover of which I shall die siezed possessed of unto my two sisters Sarah Williams Mort and Mary Mort, and Mary Ann Clare daughter of Thomas Clare late of Mile End in Liverpool merchant deceased equally to be divided between them share and share alike as tenants in common and not as joint tenants. And do nominate and appoint Edward Roscoe of Knutsford in the county of Chester Gentleman and David Peter Clare of Liverpool Gentleman Executors of this my last Will set my hand and seal this third day of October 1830. He made his mark.

Note added Jun 7, 1831 David Peter Clare one of the Executors wa sworn in common form that the personal estate and effects of the testator within the diocese of Chester were under the value of 450

The testator died Oct 4, 1830 Probate granted Jun 7, 1831

John Mort of Chowbent, Merchant 1841, Jan 14 Affirdavit

In the Consistory Court of Chester, the twenty second day of December one thousand eight hundred and forty appeared personally Joshua Lace of Little Woolton in the county of Lancaster, Gentleman and being sworn upon the Holy Gospel made oath as follows that he knew Thomas Earle late of Liverpool in the county of Lancaster, Merchant who he has been informed and believed in the year one thousand seven hundred and fifty four intermarried with Mary Mort of the same place, spinster, and only child and heir of Adam Mort that he has been for fifty years and upwards a professional adviser of Mary Earle of Spekelands near Liverpool, Widow one of the daughters of the said Thomas Earle and as also for a similar period been the professional advisor of different members of the Earle family that the said Mary Earle of Spekelands and Jane Elizabeth Earle afterwards the wife of Richard Gwillym late of Bewsey in the said county of Lancaster, Esquire now deceased were the only children of the said Thomas Earle and Mary his wife with whom he was ever acquainted that he has made due enquiry for the purpose of ascertaining whether the said Thomas Earle had any issue Male by the said Mary Mort and from the information which he has obtained he believed that the said Thomas Earle had two sons who respectively died when very young in the lifetime of the said Thomas Earle without ever having been married and that the said Thomas Earle died as he is informed and believed in or about the eighteenth day of September one thousand seven hundred and eighty one leaving no male issue by his said wife surviving and that there never was any male issue of the said marriage other than the two sons before mentioned. Signed and sworn at Liverpool twenty second day of December 1840

also John Mort, late of Chowbent surviving trustee of a certain indenture bearing date the eighth day of June seventeen hundred and fifty four and made between Thomas Earle of Liverpool, merchant of the first part and Mary Mort of the same place spinster and only child and heir of Adam Mort, late of Atherton, Gentleman deceased of the second part and the said John Mort of Chowbent aforesaid merchant and John Hardman of Liverpool aforesaid merchant of the third part being the settlement made previous to the marriage of the said Thomas Earle with the said Mary Mort of a certain chattel right or interest for the residence and remainder of a certain term of five hundred years created by the said last mentioned Indenture of and in all that capital messuage and tenement with appartenancies situate lying and being in Little Hulton and Shakerley called or known by the name of Wharton Hall being formerley in the tenure, holding or occupation of Nathan Mort.

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